SeaWolf Interview

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Matt Stone – proprietor of Sea Wolf Clothing, and pirate-afficianado – in which we discussed several of the ways in which he indulges in piracy in his daily life, as well as the roots, soul, and future of his pirate business. Continue reading

A Very Bilgemunky Thanksgiving

It’s been a deceptively quite month – there’s plenty of pirate news to report, and plenty of booty to review (indeed, I have a small backlog of reviews to write,) but somehow it all seems rather quiet. I think this might be sort of an “eye of the storm” thing – Talk Like a Pirate Day was the focal point of much of my summer as I made plans for the most ambitious party my household had ever thrown, and following that was something of a calm as we all began the long wait for Sid Meier’s Pirates! to complete its home stretch. Continue reading