Beware the Pirates of Plagiarism!

I’ve seen a LOT of pirate themed sites over the years – and not all of them make much sense. I think there’s a vegan pirate site out there, and I believe there was even a pirates of healthcare or some such nonsense at one point. But the Pirates of Plagiarism, teaching kids what plagiarism is and why it’s wrong? That’s actually pretty clever!

Do Mouse-Ears Fit Adults?

Holy carp, these are the coolest Mouse-Ears I’ve ever seen!!! I normally don’t go for Mickey hats, but dude, I’d wear these everywhere. Home, work, the bank…

Pirates of the Caribbean Mickey Mouse Ear Hat

Actually, while I’m as fearful as I am hopeful about the new movie, I have nothing but warm-fuzzies that Disney will merchandise the hell out of it. I don’t care a squat about movie action figures and such, but hats, hoodies, and other miscellaneous goodies? Disney has had a pretty good track record in that regard, as this hat clearly demonstrates.

Save the Parrots!

So the Bilgemunky’s Birthday is coming up (Aquarius by old Zodiac, Capricorn by New Zodiac, and Monkey with a Brace of Pistols according to The Pirate Zodiac [via Pirattitude! by The Pirate Guys.]), and my special birthday wish is for no parrot to be left behind. Actually, I wanted rum and a new blunderbuss, but there wasn’t a good charity for that.

So aye, take a moment and drop some coin for the birdies sake! The charity is Parrots First, and I’m hoping to raise $250 by Friday!

And, for your amusement, here’s a short series of pictures where Captain Dan and a parrot seem to be in perfect sync during a concert 🙂

right... left... right...