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Readers may contact us at


Review Submissions:

We always welcome review submissions, assuming the items are 1) piratey and 2) well, piratey is really the only requirement. But please note that while we always attempt to review things fairly, a fair review is no guarantee of a good review – if we think your pirate product has little to no value, we will say so. For instructions on submitting an item or items for review, email us at


While we always try to review items in a timely manner, we do sometimes experience backlogs – this holds especially true for book reviews, as they are the most time consuming. Review items are not returned.

Bilgemunky Radio Submissions:

Bilgemunky Radio plays pirate-themed music from ALL genres, so rock, rap, metal, punk, and yes, even sea shanties are welcome – so long as they’re about pirates, rum, or in some other way conjure definite imagery of swashbucklry and high seas adventure. Sissy songs about sailing under a light breeze are unlikely to be considered. And while we do play some regular sea shanties and other period music in smaller doses, please bear in mind that our focus is PIRATE, and just because your baudy balladeer troupe dresses as pirates doesn’t mean you sound like pirates. I’m just sayin’, is all.

To submit your music, please email us at

for details and instructions.

Written by Bilge on September 2nd, 2008



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