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I have a deal of experience reviewing rum. And very soon I plan to broaden that scope into other fine spirits. But wine? Am I that fancy? I know stemmed glasses are involved, and you’re supposed to do something with your pinky, I think? Cheese also has something to do with it, I’m told.

Still, I just might have to figure it out, what with the “Wines of Westeros” about to launch. 12 wines representing 12 houses (more or less. Do White Walkers count as a house? Do they even have houses, or just rustic-but-charming igloos? G.R.R. needs to wrap these books us so we have answers!)

Wines of WesterosI’m sure plenty of folks will check out these wines and either a) Choose their new favorite varietal based on their favorite house (“Tyrell all the way – I’ve always been a chardonnay man!”) or come to terms with the house they’ve been handed based on their actual favorite wine. But I think it will be far more interesting to see how wine combinations lead to the scheming, building, and/or destruction of relationships.

House BaratheonFor example, I’m pretty much a die-hard Cab fan. I enjoy some other reds, and whites can be better in the summer. But I always fine myself back with the Cabernet Sauvignon. And that means I’m a Martell. And I’m cool with that – they seem like a fun enough bunch, and certainly aren’t pushovers (*cough* Arryn). My wife, however, is all about the Sauvignon Blanc, which makes her a hybrid of Stark-Greyjoy-Arryn-Wildling-WhiteWalker. Seriously, they have a LOT of Sauvignon Blancs. But what’s that mean between my wife and I, with me a clear Martell and her an apparent mix of half the houses in Westeros? It can’t bode well, truth be told. I mean, I’d be a fool to go sailing with her, take a winter stroll with her, jump through a moon door with her, etc. etc. etc. Nope, not good at all.

Is the wine any good at all? Beats me, but I hope so :)

Holy crap, did I write this entire article without once mentioning Game of Thrones? Please note, these wines are inspired by Game of Thrones. There.

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  1. Red Beard

    I like how the Dothraki wine is a Merlot.

    Seriously, though. Do they need all of those Sauvignon Blancs? Where’s the Zinfandel? Sangiovese?

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