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Because we'll soon be switching to an online print-per-order service, is looking to clear out all inhouse inventory. Everything on SALE! The new storefront will necessarily include higher prices, so the sale is a double good deal! Get your swag now before inventory dries up!

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T and Babydoll Shirts
Bandanas - NEW!

copyright and trademark notice T and Baby-doll Shirts T-shirts and Baby-doll shirts are available in two styles - Original, and RUM! Order now through Paypal!

Original Style



Rum Style



Regular Fit Shirts $16 Only $12 (plus shipping)
Stock rapidly dwindling! New designs underway, but this may be your last chance to own one of these Bilgemunky classics - don't wait!


Girl Fit Shirts $20 Only $15! (plus shipping)

Style/Size Leather Eye Patches

Official Eyepatches are all handcrafted from the finest leather, with the Bilgemunky Logo proudly burned into the front. Whether you're a fan of the website, or just pirate monkeys in general, nothing says "Yarrr!" like a eyepatch! Now available in multiple colors!

Eyepatches are available in large for adults, and small for the wee ones (recommended for 10 years and below.)

Standard eyepatches are $10 each and deluxe eyepatches are $15 (plus shipping).

Brown Standard Patch - $10 Only $7!
Nothing like basic brown to go with any workin' pirate outfit. Exact shade varies from reddish to sandy, but they all have one thing in common - no other Bilgemunky eyepatch gives takes a more beautiful, perfect logo burn. Crisp and sharp!
Black Standard Patch - $10 Only $7!
Because you can't NOT offer a black eyepatch, here it be! The Bilgemunky image doesn't show as well as on other styles, but the 3D nature of the logo burn makes it present and noticeable just the same!
Weathered Standard Patch - $10 Only $7!
These formerly black patches may be new, but they're specially crafted to look like they've already spent a decade at sea. Perfect for the battle-worn pirate.
Mermaid Deluxe Patch - $15 Only $12!
For that perfect balance between cutthroat scalliwag and deep sea fairie princess, we now offer the Mermaid patch. These patches are an iridescent green with a silvery shimmer. And to punctuate the effect, real multi-colored sea shells are affixed alongside. Sadly, the photo doesn't do it justice. Shell patterns vary.
Bling! Deluxe Patch - $15 Only $12!
If you're a pirate gangsta, or just anyone that fancies the shiny things in life, then the Bilgemunky Bling! patch, with its gold tone, gold rivets, and real fake diamonds is the perfect eyepatch for you! Rivet and Diamond patterns may vary.
Size Reversible Bandanas all cotton screenprinted bandanas are reversible, thus giving you two styles to choose from each time you wear it! The first features the Bilgemunky Logo with the text "" directly beneath it, while the second features only the logo. So whether ya want to advertise the website, or just show off a great lookin' monkey-style jolly roger, you'll be all set! Reversible Bandana - $10 Only $7!

Copyright and Trademark Notice

"Bilgemunky" and the Bilgemunky Logo are federally registered trademarks of Bilgemunky Enterprises, LLC. "Because pirateyness is next to godliness" is a trademark of Bilgemunky Enterprises, LLC. Bilgemunky Logo is a federally registered copyrignt of Bilgemunky Enterprises, LLC.