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‘Seize the Bay’ with me this Saturday!

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It’s rare that I get to DJ a pirate event so close to home, which means all you midwestern pirates don’t want to miss your chance to groove and stumble to the greatest variety of pirate tunes known to man or barnacle. That’s right Bilgemunky (that’s me) will be DJing at the ‘Seize the Bay’ Pirate Festival in Green Bay on August 14th! Consider it a large party or a small festival – either way there will be pirate music, a Caribbean buffet, pirate drinks at the bar, pirate vendors, plus live entertainment from Bounding Main, Starz Dance Academy, and Rakhshanda Tribal Belly Dance. And if that’s not enough for you, The Green Bay Tall Ships Festival will be taking place alongside, so go outside to tour the ships, and come inside to party like a pirate! Prizes for best costume, and it’s only $2 to get in :)

Festivities begin at noon, and go until 10 pm. I’ll be DJing one hour sets throughout the day, with the last one ending at 6.

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Written by Bilge on August 9th, 2010

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Upcoming Gigs – Come Parrrty with the Bilge!!!

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Ok, you’ll have to forgive my usage of “parrrty”, but it was just too easy. In case you haven’t heard, I have loads of pirate DJing coming up, and I hope to see lots of you at the following events!

I’ll be posting about each in more detail as we get closer and I have more info on what sort of festivities to expect, but for now, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! If you’re a pirate worth a salt, then you already tune in to Bilgemunky Radio each week. But really, you haven’t lived until you’ve jammed to pirate-core LIVE!

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Written by Bilge on July 19th, 2010

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Fell’s Point Fast Approaches!

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Arrr – Fell’s Point is rapidly approaching, and even though this will be my first year attending, I’m already getting that special tingly feeling I used to get just before PyrateCon. It’s the anticipation of knowing I’ll get to dress, act, and drink like a pirate with some of my best mates from across the country! The attached image (click on it for the full size) has details of the Swashbuckler Soiree – hope to see lots of you there!

Oh, and for those of you looking to raise a glass with me, I’m a particular fan of Goslings (Black Seal or Old Estate), Sea Wynde, and Angostura 1824. There are many other great rums as well, but if you offer me a Bacardi in “friendship”, I’ll kick your butt as if you were a self-proclaimed pirate lord :)


Written by Bilge on March 15th, 2010

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After Action Report: Port Radisson Pirate’s Rendezvous 2010

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Last weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the Port Radisson Pirates Rendezvous in Sacramento California, and it was a blast! The festivities began on Friday night with a meet&greet party in the hotel’s bar and back patio, and after a slow start it quickly got to kicking with dozens of well-dressed pirate enthusiasts. We did have to share the bar with some non-pirates (some of whom were more keen than others on sharing barspace with pirates), but for the most part a fun and festive atmosphere was maintained. Entertainment was provided by the Brotherhood of Firebenders (an interesting name, being as this group seems to be 80% female), who spun flames out on the back patio first, and then spun glowy things indoors a bit later (silly California fire codes.) But primarily the attraction this night was fellow pirates chatting, drinking, and dancing (especially when someone finally convinced the house DJ to slip some Pirates Charles into his mix.) [read more »]


Written by Bilge on February 6th, 2010

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Port Radisson Pirate Rendezvous TV Spot

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Harle! Only one week until I’ll be seeing you ALL in Sacramento!, of course!


Written by Bilge on January 24th, 2010

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Announcement: Join Me in Sacramento!

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Reminder – this January will be the Port Radisson Pirate Rendezvous, complete with all sorts of piratey activities topped off by a pirate party DJed by yours truly! Hope to see you there! [read more »]


Written by Bilge on December 9th, 2009

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Rum Tasting on TLAPD

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No plans for Talk Like a Pirate Day? If you happen to be in the area of Newport News, Virginia, join me (Bilgemunky) for a pirate-friendly rum tasting at the Mariners Museum. I’ll be conducting a presentation on the history of rum, it’s association with pirates, and how to taste it “properly” as we explore not one, but FOUR of my favorite rums!

Rum aside, there’s a whole mess of other pirate fun happening alongside – check it out at  And to learn more about attending the rum tasting itself, call the museum at 757-591-5129 – and tell the Bilgemunky sent you!

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Written by Bilge on September 13th, 2009

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Bilgemunky to DJ at Michigan Pirate Festival!

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That’s right, ya swabs – join me in Grand Haven Michigan on Friday, August 7th for the very best in pirate-core, pirate-shanties, and all other respects of pirate-arrrsome! I’ll be DJing live at the Dee-Lite Bar beginning around 9:30 p.m., so drop by if you can – preferably in your pirate finery, and in a mood to show any landlubbers present how the pirate know how to party!

And since you’re already planning to drive all the way to Grand Haven, Michigan just to see me DJ, be sure to stick around for the Michigan Pirate Festival. I’ll be out and about all day Saturday and enjoying shows by the Bawdy Boys, Knotty Bits, and the Dark Flower Gypsies. Full info about the festival can be found at

See ya there!


Written by Bilge on July 27th, 2009

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After Action Report: NorCal Pirate Festival

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Mid-June has come and gone, and it was my great pleasure to attend the Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo. Having attended this festival each of its three years, I’d love to say that I’ve witnessed it grow into something fantastic, but in this rare case no growth was necessary – never have I seen an event so much hit the ground running as this. The 2009 season proved every bit as worthy an event as its two predecessors as the waterfront park was again converted into a full-on pirate festival for two days during Fathers’ Day weekend. [read more »]


Bilgemunky at NorCal!

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Less than one week until the Northern California Pirate Festival! This is its third year, and if the previous two are any indication I can practically guarantee that this will be one of the best events of the year – The Pirates Charles, Skip Henderson, Roving Tars, The Seadogs… loads of great, piratey vendors (no aluminum siding sales, or renfair crap), and even one of the best fair-food selections I’ve ever seen (last year I think they had organic fish tacos or something like that.) And best of all? At Saturday night’s party yours truly will be DJing live! Hope to see loads and loads of you there!


Written by Bilge on June 14th, 2009

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