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Review: Score!

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Rating: ★★★★½
2010 marks the 20th anniversary of legendary pirate shanty group The Jolly Rogers, and they honor the occasion in style with Score!, being a classical Jolly Rogers CD if ever there was one. Shanties – traditional and original alike – fill out the bulk of this 19 track album, ranging from fast to slow, adventuresome to bawdy… it’s the Jolly Rogers we’ve come to know and love these past two decades, no doubt! [read more »]


Written by Bilge on October 5th, 2010

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Musical Blades combine powers with Jolly Rogers…

Posted at 12:25 pm in News

What’s that, you say? Musical Blades AND the Jolly Rogers performing together? Can your pirate brain handle this much awesomeness?

Check their website for full details of the Feb. 13th concert taking place in Kansas City (which strangely, is in Missouri.) Score another one for the poor midwestern pirates this cold winter!


Written by Bilge on January 15th, 2010

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Review: Cutlass, Cannon, and Curves

Posted at 5:23 pm in Music

Rating: ★★★★☆
The Jolly Rogers

Genre: Pirate-themed faire music
Rating: PG-13
Target Audience: Grown ups, mostly

By and large, the vast majority of festival pirate music centers around traditional songs. This gives rise to two common problems:

1) Much of it starts to sound the same

and 2) Being as few traditional songs were actually about pirates, there’s often little to differentiate “pirate” music from other festival-driven sea shanties, Irish fighting songs, or bawdy ballads. [read more »]

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Written by Bilge on July 26th, 2008

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