Review: El Cazador

Rating: ★★★★☆
El Cazador
by Chuck Dixon, Steve Epting, and Frank D’Armata
published by Cross Gen (no longer in business)

It’s been some time since I’ve picked up a comic book, but El Cazador was something I just couldn’t pass up. The artwork is simply beautiful, and the storyline is a rich mixture – realistic enough to be possible, but polished enough to keep the romance of the high seas (free from scurvy, rats, and ripe smelling shipmates.) The story revolves around the Donessa Cinzia Elena Maria Esperanza Diego-Luis Hidalgo, a.k.a. Lady Sin, an oh-so-sexy she-captain who nontheless remains fully and realistically clothed throughout the series’ first four issues (and one assumes thereafter, but we can always dream.) Continue reading

Review: Captain Abdul’s Pirate School

Rating: ★★★½☆
Captain Abdul’s Pirate School
by Colin McNaughton

Best pirate book ever!!! OK, maybe not everyone has the soft spot for kid’s books that I do, but this one’s a dandy. When Pickles, a young girl, is forced to enroll in pirate school by her father, she dutifully logs the day’s events in her diary. She and her classmates carefully study the piratical arts, but then learn that Captain Abdul, the principal, has deviously schemed to ransom his own students back to their parents. Not to give away the ending, but Pickles and her friends do a right fine job of turning the tables on the fiend. Continue reading