Review: Crochet Beads & Coins Huge Triangle Hip Tie

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Dress Like a

There’s just not much out there for the girl pirate. I suppose that’s natural, since, historically speaking, those few female pirates that did exist likely dressed in men’s clothes. But what fun is that? And as for the tavern wench look – well, that’s fine if you’re content with serving drinks, but what of the more adventurous ladies?

Dress Like a Pirate has taken some initial steps to help our y-chromosome-challenged shipmates add a feminine touch to what may otherwise be bland or boyish outfits – among these is their offering of a rather splendid (and jingly) hip wrap. Made from a large triangle of shear fabric, this wrap is adorned with tiny metallic beads and an absolute ton (seems like hundreds) of metal coins which create a perpetual jingle that, while quite pleasant to the ear, will spoil any chance of being sneaky Continue reading

Review: The Ben Gunn Society

Rating: ★★★½☆
The Ben Gunn Society

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Genre: Contemporary, pirate-themed original. Pirate Alternative.
Rating: G
Target Audience: All Ages

How do you fairly critique something that, at its core, you can’t help but love? The Ben Gunn Society’s self-titled album isn’t as polished as some of its pop-rock-pirate brethren, and its quirky lyrics sung with a russian accent may not appeal to some the more anal members of our fine pirate community. But let’s be honest – this is a brilliantly creative, absolutely delightful album that keeps me smiling from ear to ear each time I hear it. Continue reading

Review: Pirate Tales

Pirate Tales Issue #2

The world of pirate comicbooks has been precarious at best. As soon as a new title enters the market – be it good or bad – it quite often fades into oblivian before you can even give it a fair chance. Not so with “Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales,” a historically-based comic book series that primarily traces the exploits of Blackbeard. “Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales” managed to stay alive for a full eight years – virtually an eternity for the pirate comic genre. And even though they only managed an average of one comic per year, they nontheless left a fine legacy, and are surely remembered fondly by many a pirate enthusiast. Continue reading