Review: “Jack Sparrow” Inspired Tricorn

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Pyrate Leatherworx

*note: I adore and endorse the craftsmanship of Pyrate Leatherworx. However, I’ve received many reports of late from dissatisfied customer regarding poor communication and long overdue orders. Prior to placing an order based on this review, I strongly urge you to first read these comments from concerned readers.

It’s one of my pet peeves – seeing a hat listed as an “exact replica” of Jack Sparrow’s from Pirates of the Caribbean, when even the most casual glance is enough to see they’re nothing alike (this happens a lot on Ebay.) Sorry folks, a brown leather tricorn does not a Jack Sparrow make – it takes a properly weathered look, a nice wide brim, and a rolled back. And even then, it’s not necessarily safe to boast your hat as an exact duplicate. Continue reading

Review: Cockspur Fine Rum

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Cockspur Fine Rum

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from Internet Wines and Spirits

Nothing makes my day like getting to try a new rum – and this goes double when the rum in question is from Barbados. Some of my very favorites come from this island, the fabled birthplace of rum itself. It’s my understanding that Cockspur is only now entering the U.S. Market, and I count myself fortunate to be able to get a sneak peak at their offerings so soon.

Upon first opening Cockspur Fine Rum, the first item of note was the rubber cork – something I’d not yet witnessed in the world of rums. Over the past several years, the wine industry has been experimenting with solutions to a growing cork problem – namely that natural cork is expensive, unreliable, prone to drying, and can lead to a ruined bottle now and then. Some wines have chosen to solve the matter with a practical – but classless – screw cap. Other wines have tried a more innovative approach – the rubber cork. This method effectively compensates for the shortcomings of natural cork, while still maintaining much of the tradition and ambiance that comes with properly opening a bottle of wine. Continue reading

Review: Pirates of Scamalot

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Hucklescary Finn

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Genre: Non-traditional. True pirate alternative.
Rating: PG
Target Audience: Ages 15 and up

It never ceases to amaze me that one man – Kevin Hendrickson – can simultaneously be behind three pirate-themed bands yet still keep each one distinctive in both content and tone. Captain Bogg & Salty is highly polished, kid-friendly, sometimes silly, and fun throughout. Pirate Jenny is the rock/punk side of things – also silly at times, but relatively grown up, and somewhat raw (in temperament, not quality.) Hucklescary Finn, on the other hand, seems deeply introspective, and musically speaking is certainly the most experimental of the three. Continue reading