Review: Custom Sailor’s Short Jacket

Rating: ★★★★☆
Reconstructing History

In the winter of 2007, I had my first opportunity to visit Pirates in Paradise in Key West. Not only was it my first time visiting this pirate festival – one that enjoys a reputation bordering on the legendary – but it was also to be my first amongst true pirate reenactors in their element. As such, I wanted to try my best to look the part of a historical pirate. Being as the bulk of my pirate work involves modern and pop cultural elements, the lion’s share of my pirate garb has greater or lesser degrees of Hollywood flair, which usually suits me fine. But for Pirates in Paradise, I wanted something a bit more down-to-earth. Continue reading

Review: Captain Darby O’Bill and His Maties 3

Rating: ★★★★☆
Captain Darby O’Bill and His Maties 3

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Genre: Original pirate songs of varying non-traditional styles.
Rating: PG-13
Target Audience: Late teens to early retirement

Captain Darby O’Bill and His Matees 3, an album performed by a group of the same name (I mean, what are the odds?) is exactly the kind of pirate music I love best – meaning that it in no way sounds like any of the other pirate music I already love. Right from the first track, The Skulls of Skeleton Peak, and on through the entire album, this CD defies categorization of any kind save one – this is PIRATE MUSIC! Continue reading

Review: Rimes of the Hip Hop Mariner

Rating: ★★★★★
Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew

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Genre: Pirate-themed gansta rap
Rating: R
Target Audience: Immature adults 😛

Captain Dan’s debut album, Authentic Pirate Hip-Hop, essentially redefined the pirate-core playing field. True, many brilliant albums have borrowed styles from non-pirate genres, such as metal, rock, and alternative. And other albums managed to create styles that were essentially unique. But prior to Captain Dan’s gangsta rap release, never before had a pirate band so unabashedly plunged into such dangerous waters. Hip Hop is not for the weak – but not only did Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew survive their encounter with this tumultuous genre of thugs, drugs, and hos – they actually made it their bitch. Continue reading

Special Report: Bilgemunky’s Dye Adventure

Over the years, I’ve begun to look at a newly arrived article of pirate clothing as essentially a starting point, rather than a complete product in itself. A proper pirate look requires age and character. It requires clothing that looks like it’s sailed the seven seas, and participated in a battle or two. Getting a new garment to look old is no small task – it takes a lot of guts to beat up a new item that you spent real money on. What follows is my own experience with modifying my custom Reconstructing History Short Jacket, so that readers might know what they can do, and what they should avoid. Continue reading

Review: Blackbeard the Pirate

Rating: ★★★★☆
Blackbeard the Pirate
by Richard Becker

In a world where pirate comic books come and go – frequently dying off before they have a chance to find their footing (R.I.P. El Cazador and Scurvy Dogs), it’s refreshing to note that Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales, being the well researched, historically accurate comic-book telling of Blackbeard’s story, lasted a full eight years from beginning to end. There’s only one problem – it came and went well before the current boom in pirate popularity. Continue reading

Review: Rogue Spirits Dark

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Rogue Spirits Dark Rum

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from Internet Wines and Spirits

It’s a pet peeve of mine when people compare good rum to fine cognac. This is because it seems like everyone wants to somehow apologize for rum, or justify their enjoyment of it. “It’s not like rum, it’s more like a fine cognac” and so forth. These people can take a long walk off a short plank, for all I care. I love rum, and I don’t need to compare it to cognac to feel better about my enjoyment of a beverage that’s essentially born of industrial waste.

All that said – and I apologize for the irony – Rogue Spirit’s Dark Rum is more like a fine cognac. Continue reading