Orlando Sentinel – Pirates of the Caribbean Beach Resort on Tourism Central Florida

Orlando Sentinel – Pirates of the Caribbean Beach Resort on Tourism Central Florida

“Walt Disney World has unveiled a rendering and a few details of some retheming and renovations in the works for Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort — theming it after the hugely-popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride/movies/games franchise.”

I wanna go now! The picutre really says it all. And while the boat-shaped beds might be a little silly, I mean, C’mon!!! They just better have decent rum in the hotel bar (isn’t Disney known for it’s stellar liquor selections?)


If you love pirates, and you love, er, “adult” entertainment, then get ready for an exciting September! Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge is fast approaching! Not much in way of specifics as yet, but from the poster I’d wager they read my review of the first movie in which I commented that it was a little blonde-centric. Looks to me like we now have brunette’s trumping the blondes by a 5-2 margin. Not that I care really, so long as at least one of them satisfies the “braided bad-ass” vacancy left by Serena from the first film (and I’m betting on the chick second from the left.)

View a teaser at www.digitalplayground.com/mov/pirates2teaser.html. Don’t worry, it’s just a skeleton in a storm, so nothing naughty yet.

IGN: Privateering Added to Pirates of the Caribbean Online

IGN: Privateering Added to Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Eyup, now you can be a privateer when playing Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Which I suppose means you can stop pillaging as you please in favor of only pillaging the enemies of the King, and also give him a cut of the profits. In exchange you get a nifty title – sounds great to me.

Review: Pirate Coat

Rating: ★★★★½

Jack Sparrow did much to open up the world of pirate merchandise. Prior to Jack, finding online retailers of quality pirate clothing was tricky at best. Since Jack, a little online research reveals dozens, if not hundreds, of sources for pirate clothing. But Jack was a double-edged sword – his commandeering of many pirate “staple” items (bucket boots, tricorn hat, dropfront breeches) has led many people to associate these items with pieces of a Jack costume, no matter what the color or who’s wearing them.

This truth is perhaps most starkly apparent with the common frock coat. Be it blue, grey, brown, or black, it seems that most any knee-length coat with cuffs carries a bit of a Jack Sparrow flavor about it. But what are we to do if our goal is to NOT look like Jack? Perfect Pirate may have the answer… Continue reading

Review: Caribbean Shirt

Rating: ★★★★☆
Sea Wolf Clothing

Dressing like a pirate is the easy part. Well, not really. But intuitively speaking, if you’re attending a costumed event, then you already know – more or less – several ways to go about expressing your inner pirate. The tricky bit is how to go about indulging your swashbuckling id when cavorting amongst polite society – neighborhood barbeques, work parties, and timeshare presentations. Of course, some folks will just say, “bullocks” and dress like a pirate anyways. But most of us would seek a more sophisticated merger of our inner pirate and outer reality.

For years, t-shirts have been the mainstay for wearing your love of piracy on your sleeve (or more generally, your chest), while also dressing in acceptably modern fashion. But Seawolf Clothing has now taken a different tack with their run of “Caribbean Shirts.” And just what is a Caribbean Shirt? Think Hawiian shirt, but for (you guessed it) Pirates! Continue reading