Google goes PIRATE!!!

Official Google Blog: Google in one more language.

HAH! Today Google, tomorrow… the world! Actually, the smart thing to do would be to wait a few months and let Google take over the world, and then fell both in one swoop. But I’m impatient.

Yes, Google has acknowledged “Pirate” as an official language, right up there with Japanese and Swahili. And therefore you can now set Google to use proper Pirate when addressing you. Check it out – I ain’t kiddin’.

Oh yeah, and happy TLAPD! If you don’t know what TLAPD stands for, then I’ve no time fer ya lubbers.

Introducing the ayePhone

Is it a play on words or is it a pun? I’m not really sure, but whichever the case, it’s also a new application for your iPhone. The ayePhone shows us that while average pirates spend their days yelling “Yarrr” and “Avast ye!”, successful pirates (those that can afford a $0.99 download application) make their phones do the work for them, thus freeing their own gullets to drink rum or gnaw of the still-beating hearts of spanish captives who refused to be cooperative. Blighters.

If you’re like me and choose your cellphone – not for high tech bells and whistles – but rather for milspec durability so it can survive being dropped from a great hight many, many times, then you obviously don’t own an iPhone. But you can still watch a video of the ayePhone in action.

Pirates set sail for West Michigan

Pirates set sail for West Michigan – Grand Rapids News – The Grand Rapids Press Online – Michigan Newspaper –

While the Michigan Pirate Festival sounds like it was a blast (hopefully I might be able to attend next year), some of this article scares me a bit:

“When I’m dead, I want to be buried in Jack,” she says. “This is the way people know me, and this is the way I want people to remember me.”

Really, folks. If you want to make some money portraying Jack Sparrow, fine by me. Want to dress like him for Halloweeen or PyrateCon? Go for it. But if you’re obsessed with pirates enough to eat, sleep, and drink pirates throughout most of the year (and I don’t judge you for this – I’m right there with you), for crikey’s sake, PLEASE find your own inner pirate! Such levels of Jack Sparrow emmersion are downright creepifying.

Bilgemunky sad…

Originally I was a little grumbly that I didn’t have an X Box 360. But now I’m just all out downtrodden at not owning a Wii. Why? Because, mates, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball is now slated to come out on both of these systems. It looks hilarious, adorable, and awesome. On the X Box it will surely be a blast, but on the Wii? I can’t imagine a game more perfect for such a system. But here I am stuck with naught but a PC. No dodgeball for me, unless I find a real ninja. And a red rubber ball.