Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel sets Guinness world record!

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel sets Guinness world record!

It seems that 102 is the current world record for most rums commercially available, which strikes me as odd, because I’d swear that Rum Jungle in Las Vegas had a hell of a lot more than that. And both Rum Barrel (Key West) and Forbidden Island (Alemeda, CA) boast collections in the high 90’s. Seriously, guys,┬ádo some online shopping, buy a few more rums, and get yerselves into Guiness and show Hong Kong who’s boss!

Some Brief Words about PyrateCon

There’s a whole lot of gossip floating around the web right now about PyrateCon. Most of it consists of either vague allegations based on “inside information” or long winded tirades that have little to do with anything the general public needs or wants to know.

Since returning from PyrateCon 08 I’ve been torn between whether I should publicly share my thoughts, or quietly “wait and see” what occurs on its own. But I get asked, and then asked again what my thoughts are on PyrateCon, and so I think it’s time to just throw some things out there. So here are some facts. No inside information, just the publicly available truth: Continue reading


Provocateur has released a line of Pirate lingerie. Well, sort of. The pictures look awfully piratical, but if you check out which items are actually for sale all the good pieces seem to be just for the photo shoot. This image, for example – the only item they’re selling is the bottom with the suspenders. I mean, what now? Without the coat and boots, how the hell is leather leather hot pants with suspenders even remotely piratey? Or sexy, for that matter?

Nice try, I guess. But I’m not as impressed as I wish I were.