Review: Pirates vs. Ninjas

Rating: ★★★★☆

It seems that it’s been a thousand years since pirates and ninjas first took to bickering, so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make a comic book out of it. But don’t expect any solid answers regarding which side is superior from Pirates vs. Ninjas – much like the Freddy vs. Jason film, to draw such a conclusion would not only end the series, but certainly alienate half the audience (assuming ninjas made up anything close to half the audience, which naturally they don’t but we’ll be diplomatic.) Continue reading

Join Me at Reenactorefest 5!

Ok, I’ll be blunt – never in a million years did I think Reenactorfest would be for me. Why not? Simple – I’m into pirate stuff. And not exclusively historical pirate stuff at that (as anyone that ever tunes in to Bilgemunky Radio certainly knows.) As such, an event populated by Civil War Doctors, Roman Centurians, and WWII Troops seemed a potentially poor fit, not only because I wasn’t sure if there would be enough of interest to me at such a festival, but also because I didn’t want to rain on their parade by showing up as the sort of merely quasi-historical, fashion-forward pirate I so clearly am 😉 Continue reading

New Masthead!

At long last, the final (and certainly one of the most important) pieces of the Bilgemunky 4.0 conversion is complete – the new masthead! I’m sure you’ve noticed already, but the new artwork is nothing short of smashing.

Cooper Designs did the deed, and a right fine job it was! Brad Cooper has been doing quality pirate art for some time now – you’ve likely seen his work in No Quarter Given. They don’t yet have a website available just yet (soon), but for now they can be reached at

There are still a few tunes and tweaks before I can safely say the site is 100%, but for the most part, this is our new look going forward. Hope you love it as much as I do!

The First Annual Kansas City Area Pirate’s Ball

It’s a subject near and dear to our hearts – Parrot Conservation. And who doesn’t like to dress like a pirate (answer: losers and lubbers.)

Join The Pyrate Trading Company as they host a genuine pirate ball 55 feet underground in the  historic 1842 cellars of O’Mally’s Irish Pub in Weston, MO. Full details can be found at the website:, but in a nutshell:

  • Costume Contests
  • Games
  • Photo Ops
  • Raffle & Auction
  • Performances by the Musical Blades, Chuvani Belly Dance, Pavlov’s Hips
  • and much more!

It all happens Saturday, February 28th. So visit the site and get your tickets today. Why? Because the midwest sucks in winter, and we need all the piratey goodness we can get!

Best… Issue… EVER!

Pirates Magazine, Autumn 2008, is the best issue of Pirates Magazine – or any pirate publication for that matter – to ever grace the world with its presence. And I’ll tell you why – FIVE FLOGGIN’ PAGES ABOUT BILGEMUNKY!!!

That’s right – FIVE pages about yours truly. Cap’n Slappy, in his “Profiles in Pirattitude” feature, delved into the very depths of what makes Bilgemunky tick, and he converted his new found knowledge into glowing words and glorious pictures of ME! ALL OF ME!!!

So go to Barnes&Noble and buy this issue. Buy several. I want Pirates Magazine to know that this was their most popular issue ever. And then other magazines will write of me again and again, until someone finally makes an entire magazine that is about Bilgemunky and only Bilgemunky. Imagine – photo spreads of Bilgemunky at work and play. Bilgemunky goes to the grocery story, Bilgemunky cleans the litter box, Bilgemunky lets fame go to his head and refers to himself in the third person until he alienates everyone…

The possibilities are truly endless.