Benefit for Mallory and McCall

Actually, 2 benefits! Mal and Mac of the Skeleton Crew Pirate Band are two of Bilgemunky Radio’s earliest supporters and most beloved performers. I wish I could attend these benefits to support them through difficult times, but I can’t. But any readers not so burdened by the realities of geography, PLEASE go – it should be a fantastic time for a good cause! Continue reading

Review: From the Seas to the Streets

Rating: ★★★★★
captaindan_seas2streetsBuy the CD
Genre: Pirate-themed gansta rap
Rating: R+
Target Audience: Immature adults ūüôā

Where to begin when describing the wonderful oddity that is Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew? By all common sense, such an apparent novelty act should long ago have gone the way of the dodo. But the crew hit the ground with surprising momentum – their first pirate gangsta rap album, Authentic Pirate Hip Hop was a shameless joy to the ears. It seemed an impossible act to follow, and yet, a mere year later, follow it they did with Rimes of the Hip Hop Mariner. But rather than treating us to “more of the same” The Scurvy Crew expanded and developed their hip-hop pirate concept to make for an even better end product. And now, just one year since Rimes, the Scurvy Crew has struck again with their third album, From the Seas to the Streets. Continue reading

The Ugliest Piece of Awesome Ye’ll Ever Buy…

sideshowbeardSay what you want of Blackbeard – no on ever accused him of being pretty. And in this latest gem from Sideshow Collectibles, he’s got a face that would make even his own mother cringe. But crikey, just look at him!!!! 20 inches of pirateyness, three brace of Queen Anne Pistols (note the detailing of the pistol butts), real fabric and leather clothing – as ugly as his mug may be, the full rendering is a true thing of beauty. This figure is due to be released in the third Quarter of this year, but pre-orders are available. Only $400 – your wife will never understand, but that’s a small price to pay for owning a limited edition piece of pirattitude.

I Think I’m in Love…

Score 1 for the Frenchies – Pirate-Core music, Pirate-Core fashion, and it’s all bundled up in a lady that could clearly kick your ass.

Her name is Auregan, she sings about pirates to a packed stadium,¬†she¬†looks great in a tricorn hat, and my¬†spine gets all fluttery when she starts stomping the stage in this video. That’s all I know at this time, but I aim to learn more!

Bilgemunky Adventures First Three Eps

If you’ve not been paying attention to Bilgemunky Radio (shame on you), then you likely missed last night’s episode of Bilgemunky Adventures – Episode 3: Excelsior!

To catch up with Bilgemunky and Gunther as they plot to escape their Spanish captors, you can listen to each chapter in its original context by listening to Bilgemunky Radio podcasts 30, 35, and 68. Or you can download the Adventures as standalone files:

Episode 1: Coffeehouse Blues
Episode 2: The Great Escape
Episode 3: Excelsior!

A special thanks to Top Notch Costumes, whose support made these first three episodes possible. And remember, Bilgemunky Adventures were meant to be shared, so tell your friends to tune in!