Cruise Ship Terror!

Swashbuckle has just released a brand new, high def music video on YouTube – Cruise Ship Terror. Not for the meek, I’ll warn you. Not only is this thrash metal at is angry, growly finest, but it’s also a rather brutal video. Yes, there is bloodshed – not even the poor cameraman is safe from this crew’s anti-social doings. And they also make a naughty hand gesture.

Bilgemunky at Rip Tide!

155_5528bIf you’re in the Milwaukee area, you’re invited to join me at Rip Tide Bar&Grill – I’ll be DJing the pirate music we all love on Saturday, May 30th from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Pirate rock, pirate rap, pirate metal and punk – and yes, even pirate shanties.

irate attire is not required (but not discouraged, either). Be sure and stop by if you can, and let your waitress know you can to see Bilgemunky 😀

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2009 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition – Everybody Wins!!!

The Ministry of Rum just completed its 2009 Rum Tasting Competition, and the results are in – 41 gold medals, 17 silver, and and 5 bronze. Stiff competition indeed. Now, I wasn’t there, nor am I privy to the rules of the competion, but this sounds eerily close to the modern-day feelgoodery that outlaws dodgeball and awards every child a blue ribbon because we’re all special winners in our own special ways. Also, there is no mention of a single “loser” rum, so by all appearances bronze is as low as it goes.

So you’ll have to be the judge for yourselves – either the Ministry is a little too generous with its gold medals, or we truly are living in a golden age. Being as 3 of those golds were actually taken by Bacardi – one by Bacardi Select which I myself rated at only half a star – I’m inclined to believe the former to be more likely.

The Search for the Devil’s Dozen

new-poster13From Pirates Magazine:

Ahoy mateys!
There be big doin’s afoot here at Pirates Magazine. We’re holding a contest to pick the nation’s best buccaneers. With your help, we’ll scour the globe to find “The Devil’s Dozen”; 13 scallywags that best exemplify the spirit of piracy. That’s right, YOU can join the ranks to be one of the 13 official Pirates Magazine Devil’s Dozen of 2010.

Here’s how the contest works:
If you’re part of a cosplay pirate crew, parade group or a pirate reenactor, send in a photo of your captain along with a short paragraph about him (or her). The editors of Pirates magazine will pick twelve captains from east of the Mississippi and twelve captains from west of the Mississippi (Aye, we’re splittin’ the world right in half like a cutlass through a cooked goose!) to comprise a total of 24 captains from which 13 proud pirates will be picked by their peers and the readers of Pirates magazine via So e-mail a photo and paragraph about your captain to me at: Continue reading

Review: Pirates of the Burning Sea

Rating: ★★★★☆

Aye, I really should have reviewed this game some ages ago. Hell, it was only due to my participation as a DJ on the late YarRadio (official online station of Pirates of the Burning Sea) that Bilgemunky Radio ever came into being. And I’d spent a good amount of time on their beta – testing the waters, so to speak. But perhaps it was these very things that had my mind moving elsewhere by the time PotBS was released – my relationship with YarRadio had soured, and they’d pulled the plug on the station well before the game was even released. And though I’d learned much about the game, none of it was legally yet available for public consumption. And, lest we forget, the blasted game was in development for, what, five years? Continue reading

Review: The Return of David Gale

Rating: ★★★★½

Buy the CD
Genre: Pirate rock/folk.
Rating: R
Target Audience: Fans of pirate-rock or rough, swaggering traditional

It wasn’t that long ago that no one had heard of The Pirates Charles – primarily in that they didn’t yet exist. And yet in only a couple short years, they quickly rose from obscurity into what is arguably one of the best known, best loved, and “truest” pirate bands around. The secret is a rare blend of the traditional and new – sea shanties mixed in with just enough rock&roll to, well, rock, but not so much as to wholly modernize their music. Of course, the icing on the cake is that The Pirates Charles both look and sound the parts of true scallywags – an important factor in the evolution from sea songs to pirate songs. Continue reading

San Antonio – Current Ground Zero for PvN

Review: ‘Pirates Versus Ninjas: The Musical’

It has song, it has dance, it has pirates, and it has a Ninja King. I find it cute that Ninjas would bother having royalty amongst themselves. I mean, so what if you’re king of the pajama-wearing shadow puppets? You’re still a pajama-wearing shadow puppet, just like all the other pajama-wearing shadow puppets.