Avast: Pirate Chic Returns – And it Frightens Me

2Avast: Pirate Chic Returns – BlackBook.

There’s a right way to do pirate fashion, and there’s a wrong way. Wanna guess which one Vivienne Westwood chose? The wrong way – definitely the wrong way. But now that I think on it, most ways I’ve seen on the runways have been the wrong way. Jean Paul Gaultier back in 2007 had a mixed bag, and Gwen Stefani with her Rich Girl video struck several high points, but most of the stuff out there has been sorely misguided – and that goes double for mens’ wear. Why, oh why does no one design awesome modern clothing for the heterosexual, non-demented guy pirate? The answer, of course, is that straight, sane guy pirates pay no attention to fashion whatsoever, and buy most of their modern clothing at yard sales and side-show gift shops.

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After Action Report: NorCal Pirate Festival


Mid-June has come and gone, and it was my great pleasure to attend the Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo. Having attended this festival each of its three years, I’d love to say that I’ve witnessed it grow into something fantastic, but in this rare case no growth was necessary – never have I seen an event so much hit the ground running as this. The 2009 season proved every bit as worthy an event as its two predecessors as the waterfront park was again converted into a full-on pirate festival for two days during Fathers’ Day weekend. Continue reading

Review: Vizcaya VXOP

Rating: ★★½☆☆
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from Internet Wines and Spirits

vizcaya_vxopOne of these days, I think I need to write an article on which I judge various rums based on nothing more than their packaging. It might sound laughable, but in truth packaging can tell you quite a lot about a rum (or at least, what the manufacturers think of their product – or rather, what they want you to *think* they think of their product.) And also, reviewing rums based on packaging alone would protect me from those embarrassing times when I nearly finish the rum before I’ve bothered to review it. Such is the case with Vizcaya VXOP – it’s been on my shelf for a terribly long time, and I’ve stolen a glass now and then to the point as to be nearly empty. And yet, I never reviewed the damned thing. Continue reading

Review: Pure Rock Scurvy

Rating: ★★★½☆
brinebastards_scurvyGenre: Pirate Rock
Rating: R
Target Audience: Grease monkeys, pool hall junkies, and garage rockers that wish they were pirates.

Rather than settle with “Watered-down Rock Scurvy” or “Cut with Baking Soda Rock Scurvy”, the pirate-core band Brine&Bastards has selected nothing short of “Pure Rock Scurvy” for their second album (following Set Sail for Sodomy.) Something of a mini-album featuring only six songs, it nonetheless holds its own as a worthy addition to today’s growing genre of pirate rock. Continue reading

Bilgemunky’s Entry for Captain Jack’s Video Contest

As promised, here’s my own efforts in the Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats Video Contest, starring myself and my beloved “Captain Kidd” hat. If you’re also the proud owner of a Captain Jack’s Pirate Hat and haven’t yet made your own video, I believe you have until August.┬áSo snap to it!

Hopefully it plays ok – this is my first video of this sort, and the resulting file was surprisingly beefy (especially considering the low-res, grainy nature of it.) Oh well, if it crashes everyone’s computers, I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

Bilgemunky at NorCal!

Less than one week until the Northern California Pirate Festival! This is its third year, and if the previous two are any indication I can practically guarantee that this will be one of the best events of the year – The Pirates Charles, Skip Henderson, Roving Tars, The Seadogs… loads of great, piratey vendors (no aluminum siding sales, or renfair crap), and even one of the best fair-food selections I’ve ever seen (last year I think they had organic fish tacos or something like that.) And best of all? At Saturday night’s party yours truly will be DJing live! Hope to see loads and loads of you there!

Captain Jack’s Video Contest

So you’ve read several reviews of Captian Jacks Pirate Hats on Bilgemunky.com over the years. In fact, hopefully, the reviews impressed you so much that you rushed out and bought a Jack’s Hat of your very own. Well, goodie for you, because that means you’re qualified to enter Captain Jack’s Video Contest, and potentially win… A SECOND HAT! Because the only thing better than owning a Jack’s Hat is owning two!

Look for my own video entry to be posted next week!