Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

Wow – I can’t even count how many stars are in alignment. The monkey gods are smiling – this time with a non-Monkey Island project by the same artists reponsible for Curse of Monkey Island. And when you see the screenshots, I think you’ll find yourself in well familiar waters. No real info yet, except that it’s being made by Autumn Moon Entertainment, who appear to be in the market of fun, friendly games in which the players are the “bad guys” (usually vampires, but this time, I’m assuming, ghost pirates.)


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Swashbuckle Interview

Heavy Metal Examiner: Setting sail with Swashbuckle: American metal pirates weigh anchor for 2009 Paganfest tour.

Mark Morton at posted a most excellent interview with the pirate heavy metal band Swashbuckle. Not only is it loaded with great info on the band’s roots and future plans, but it includes links to some great videos, such as their “guest appearance” with the videogame Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy, as well as their cover of the Spongebob Squarepants theme song.

The Lego Pirates Strike Back

skulls_eye_schooner-ebay_auctionSince we’re already kickin’ it old school with news of Monkey Island, why not throw in some Legos as well? Why Lego ever decided to retire their pirate line is anyone’s guess (my guess: hardcore drugs), but it seems they’ve finally wised up with this re-release:

Most are actually new kits altogether (and the pirates look noticeably meaner than in the old days.) Although the Bounty ship does seem rather familiar – actually, my favorite was always the Skull’s Eye Schooner. I thought about digging my own Skull Eye from the attic to assmble and take a nice picture to include with this post, but decided to take the easy route and steal an image from another site – in this case Yes, it’s a site dedicated to Lego Pirates. Who knew such a thing existed? Well, we now we all know.

So Monkey Island is back, Lego Pirates are back – if we can only get the Las Vegas “TI” to return itself to “Treasure Island” and restore the old pirate decor, we’d be three for three.

When it Rains (Monkeys) it Poors (Monkeys)

mi_seNot even a full day since learning of the pending Tales of Monkey Island, and already I also learn of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. That’s right – the original game in a scene-for-scene remake with better graphics. And if you’re leary of that, at any point you can revert to the original graphics with a mere press of a button. All sorts of fun details including artwork, videos, and other monkey stuff at Also check out the blog of Monkey Island’s original creator for lots of other Monkey Island gossip.

What, still not satisfied? Fine – check out the sweet new Monkey Island merchandise over at the Lucasarts Store.

I, for one, am utterly flabbergasted at how now – after most of us had accepted a Monkey Island-free future – we’re being treated to this deluge of monkey madness, to say nothing of how they managed to keep this all a secret until just before the release dates. It makes me what other surprises they have in store – a movie? a line of insult-driven cutlery? premixed grog?

Tales of Monkey Island (Wii and PC)

Proving once again that denial means nothing (it seems only last week I was reading that Lucas Arts had no intention of ever revisiting the Monkey Island franchise), Tales of Monkey Island is due for release in July!

I’m a lot excited, and a bit scared – the previous Monkey Island Game was the weakest of the lot, and by no small margin. And I don’t feel that 3D is the greatest medium for the series. And I have little faith that these latest ventures (yes, there will be five of them, being “eposodic installments”) will do much to rekindle Monkey Island’s roots. But all that said… MONKEY ISLAND!!!

You can read more at IGN, or visit the official site at