Should Disney Hire Rob Zombie for Pirates of the Caribbean 4? |

I admit that I’ve never seen a single film directed by Rob Zombie. I know a little of his music, and I’ve seen some of the previews of his films, and nothing about him seems to say “Disney” to me, which is exactly what makes this idea rather intriguing. Not necessarily good, mind you, but certainly something to chew over.

Not that I think it has an ounce of merit, mind you. If Zombie directs a Disney pirate film I’ll eat me hat. Or at least take a bite of it.

Review: Baltazar and the Flying Pirates

Rating: ★★★☆☆

baltazarflyingpiratesLet’s see… a jolly band of misfit pirates take their flying ship to an amusement park in search of treasure – while there they’re bombarded with parents wanting to take pictures, kids thinking it’s ok to climb on the pirates, and security guards who just don’t understand that it’s all in good fun…

Sounds like a typical weekend to me. Well, except for the flying ship. Someday, maybe.

Baltazar and the Flying Pirates is more or less the tale I just described, brought to life in colorful, friendly artwork. The pirates are a misfit crew indeed, with some members you may recognize (Anne Bonney, Long John Silver) and still more that are new to this story (Flynn, Captain Redlocks, Big Queeq, etc.) Each is a character is unique and memorable as their names, to say nothing of the story’s “every boy” protagonist, with the truly unusual name of Baltazar. Continue reading

Review: Flint and Silver

Rating: ★★★★★
flintandsilverThat one Treasure Island sequel should follow so quickly on the heels of another would seem strangely coincidental. Indeed, it seems almost yesterday that I was reviewing “Silver” by Edward Chupack, and yet here I am now reviewing “Flint and Silver” by John Drake. But in truth, the similarities between these two works are few and far between. Where Silver was a re-envisioning of the characters of Treasure Island, full of sinister murder, mind-bending cyphers, and dry villainy that intentionally lacked a devout “faithfulness” to its inspiration, Flint and Silver instead attempts to perfectly mesh with the expectations set by the original work and takes a more swashbuckling, lighthearted approach to material. It follows in the “boys adventure” spirit of Treasure Island, albeit from a slightly more grown-up perspective. Continue reading

Review: Hot Pirate Babes 2010 Calendar

Rating: ★★★★☆

I’m still putting 2008 on my checks, and here comes the 2010 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar. How the time flies.

I’ve reviewed the previous three incarnations of this calendar, so feel free to read those reviews if you *really* need an explanation of just what a “hot pirate babes” calendar contains. The rest of us, however, shall jump into the nuts and bolts of the matter and consider just what 2010 appears to have in store.

As with other years, the 2010 calendar features a range of pirate babes, some of whom hit the “hot” mark with more grace than others. Five months, in fact, offer babes of reasonably passable hotness. February brings us a gypsy gal for those who prefer their girls to exercise a little modesty (in the face, if not exactly elsewhere), Continue reading

Review: Pirate Goodies from

Rating: ★★★★☆

In the golden age of piracy, sailors would tell the time by the sun (or by divining the entrails of a spaniard.) These days we’re lucky – we have wristwatches and iPhones. But neither of these options seem very piratey, do they?

WRONG!!! See how I set that up? Now you can tell time or make phonecalls in the most piratey fashion possible thanks to, who now offer two solutions to let you sport technology without betraying the pirate code (I believe that somewhere in the code it does indeed forbid the public usage of all non-piratey technology.) We’ll begin with the iPhone case, which is made up of two pieces of plastic that readily snap together to cover your phone from top to bottom in skulls and crossbones. Continue reading

Bilgemunky Interviewed on Rum Connection

I was recently interviewed on another fantastic site for rum enthusiasts, An excerpt:

Gerard’s website, is known as one of the webs top pirate sites and includes a healthy dose of information about cane spirits. He sat down with us recently to talk business, pirates and RUM. Here’s what he had to say.

How and when did you become interested in rum?
I suppose I didn’t really think about rum much – indeed, I wasn’t much of a drinker at all – until 1998 or so, right after I got out of the Navy. I started playing a pirate video game called Seadogs during my evenings, and had a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Private Stock that I’d come across. I tried drinking it by itself, and found it rather tasty- it seemed like a fine thing to drink while playing a videogame that involved sailing, plundering, and pillaging. It wasn’t long before I was ready to remove the “training wheels” of spiced rum and explore other, finer choices.

Wanna read the rest? Full interview at

Brad Cooper Claims NQG Cover…

nqg_cooperBrad Cooper – the very same bloke that crafted the current masthead (yes, that glorious piece of art at the top of your screen right now, unless you’re reading this through an RSS reader, in which case you’re missing half the fun, you silly lubber) – has penned the cover of the latest issue of No Quarter Given. The cover story is a collection of thoughts from throughout the pirate community regarding the recent Somalian pirate incidents, and how it has affected the public’s perception of pirate reenactors and enthusiasts. Personally, I think the violence in Somalia means we should all abandon our piratey interests and instead find some untainted “good-guys” to promote, such as knights in shining armor. Oh wait, I guess the crusades were somewhat questionable. Ok, let’s glorify ancient rome… or maybe not, what with all the gladiators and torture. Old west? Uh oh, indian slaughter. Indians? Nope, they were pretty mean too at times. Geez, who ever thought that history would be so complicated and full of gray areas? I guess so long as we’re not glorifying Jack the Ripper or Nazis, maybe people just need to LIGHTEN UP.