I’m right crabby today – there are several things in the pirate world right now that boggle my mind and annoy my delicate sensitivities. My grumbles spawn from the goings-on of several different pirate events and crews, andĀ seem to be too numerous to list without going mad. But I’d offer these three highlights forĀ consideration: Continue reading

Blood Island Trailer

Ready for a low budget pirate horror that doesn’t suck ballshot? Me too. Sadly, Blood Island from Fixed Point Films looks every bit as lame as all the others. Maybe slightly better than Curse of Pirate Death, but that’s a bloodly low bar to begin with.

Seriously, low budget or no, does it cost a penny to come up with a decent story for once? Something other than “a gaggle of lame 20-somethings go looking for treasure and then stumble across a cursed dead pirate who kills them one by one”? I can forgive bad effects, bad cinematography… even bad acting (to a point.)Ā But crikes, could someone get a half-assed story together?

Captain Dan LIVE

If you’ve ever wanted to see Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew perform live (and who hasn’t?), then you really should have gone to Nerdapalooza this year. Of course, that piece of news is of no use to those of us who can’t travel backwards in time, which is why God invented Youtube:

(caution: they use the ‘F’ word rather a lot)

And as an added bonus, Captain Dan and some cowardly ninjas talk smack about each other. As before, there’s a naughty word or two: Continue reading

Captain Blood – IN SPACE!!!

Spierigs out for WB’s ‘Blood’ – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety.

By and large I only pay movie gossip a passing glance. It hardly pays to take the stuff seriously because as soon as you read about it, it’s already changed. But this article in Variety seems novel enough to warrant consideration, even if it turns out to be bunk. We’ve already know that a Captain Blood Remake was in the air (although, I recently noticed that No Quarter Given noted a Captain Blood remake was in the works back in their May ’94 issue – see what I mean about movie gossip?), but this is the first mention I’ve seen that indicates it will be an outer space swashbuckler. Imagine the possibilities… zero-g fencing, rum squeezed from a tube, and all the spaniards (or their alien equivelant) played by Alf.

In seriousness, no word yet on whether this will be more serious or tongue-in-cheek, whether it will be a space full of aliens a la Star Wars or more of a true space frontier full of nothing but settlers and explorers such as Firefly. It will be fun to see if this idea has merit, and if so how it develops.