Review: Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates

Rating: ★★★½☆
henrycrazedchickenDo I really need to review this? I mean, c’mon – it’s a children’s book, and it’s titled “Henry and the Crazed Chicken Pirates”. Seriously, that’s all the info you need to determine whether this book is for you. Oh, and perhaps I should point out that the Crazed Chicken Pirates also seem to be Airship Pirates – so bonus for all you steam-heads out there.

The story begins by explaining the daily life of the Buccaneer Bunnies – proper scalliwaggs that spend their time the way I’d spend *my* time given the opportunity – not raiding and pillaging, but rather lounging about on a tropical island and shooting each other out of cannons. The fun comes to an end, however, when Henry – the youngest of these pirate rodents – discovers a note in a bottle that threatens impending danger. Most of the pirate scoff, but Henry takes the warning seriously and begins preparations. I won’t tell you how it ends, but here’s a hint: It involves Crazed Chicken Pirates (in an airship). Continue reading

Pirates vs. Steampunks (according to LA Weekly)

“Best of” Awards: Pirates Versus Steampunks at Pyrate Daze – Los Angeles Art – Style Council.

Pyrate Daze has come and gone, and the results are in – this combined pirate/steampunk event gave folks the chance to strut their stuff as either swashbucklers, victorian sci-fi adventurers, or both, and the LA times took a point-by-point examination of which proved superior. But ever the diplomats, the result was a tie.

Surprisingly, based on the examples listed, I think it’s actually the steampunks that prove victorious, as I’d take issue with the conch shell beating out the Abney Park guitar (no way the conch shell proves victor in that one). Actually, from the early photos I’ve seen a lot more creativity was shown by the steampunks all around – although bear in mind that the steampunks and the pirates were largely the same folks, depending on which day it was. I just hope that as more pirates explore steampunk (and vice versa) that folks remember to leave their tricorns at home when going to Dickens Fair, and that jet-packed librarians consider a different look before attending a truely pirate-specific event.

It’s Official: Disney is Creatively Bankrupt

Locus Online News: Powers Novel Optioned for New Pirates of the Carribean Movie.

Yup, so it now seems that PotC4 “On Stranger Tides” is indeed going to be based on the Tim Powers novel, and not simply sharing the title. Which I think entirely sucks – On Stranger Tides is a very specific story utilizing a very specific set of characters, none of whom strike me as a shoe-in to be replaced by Jack Sparrow. Plus, if Disney has to start the planning phase of this fourth film by bastardizing a prexisting work, I just don’t see how it indicates they have the creative fortitude to do make for a decent end product.

Of course, all this might change anyways since Johnny Depp is hinting that he might not be up for a fourth film anyways, so maybe it’s a moot point.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Not Cool

That’s right – my suggestion for the title of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film is Pirates of the Caribbean: Not Cool. Why? Because the rumormill all over the internet is saying that the title has been released as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which just happens to be the title of an incredibly awesome pirate book that’s been around for twenty years or so and has absolutely nothing to do with Disney. The way I see it, there are three ways this happens, and they all suck:

  1. Disney “didn’t know” the book On Stranger Tides existed, which is BS because Disney surely has entire departments that research this sort of thing.
  2. Disney stole the title idea, which, as stated, sucks.
  3. Disney felt inspired by the book and the use of the title reflects some sort of arrangement between Disney and Tim Powers, the author of the book, which indicates that Disney has no original pirate ideas of its own and therefore has no business making a fourth film. Plus, it makes it trickier for the real On Stranger Tides to ever be a movie someday.

So yeah, if this rumor proves true then Disney is utterly failing to impress.

Rum Tasting on TLAPD

No plans for Talk Like a Pirate Day? If you happen to be in the area of Newport News, Virginia, join me (Bilgemunky) for a pirate-friendly rum tasting at the Mariners Museum. I’ll be conducting a presentation on the history of rum, it’s association with pirates, and how to taste it “properly” as we explore not one, but FOUR of my favorite rums!

Rum aside, there’s a whole mess of other pirate fun happening alongside – check it out at  And to learn more about attending the rum tasting itself, call the museum at 757-591-5129 – and tell the Bilgemunky sent you!