Germans are AWESOME

As listeners of Bilgemunky Radio know, I was recently killed and then revived by evil Germans. But that shouldn’t reflect on the nation as a whole. Germans, in fact, have greatly contributed to society, as is clearly demonstrated by Mr. Fisto:

Review: A Pirate Captain’s Guide to Leadership

Rating: ★★★★☆

Using piracy as a vehicle to teach a non-piratey subject can be a tricky thing. The difficulty involves the careful balance that must be maintained – too much pirateyness and you lose sight of the substantive content, thereby reducing your work into a mere novelty. But too little pirateyness and… well, maybe that’s not always such a bad thing.

In “A Pirate Captain’s Guide to Leadership”, author Doug Heatherly demonstrates that when it comes to pirates, sometimes less is more. Certainly the book begins with many references to the tactics utilized by pirates and their commanders, and draws numerous analogies to the modern work environment. Continue reading

Some Clarification on the Powers/Disney Connection

Surprised author Tim Powers finds himself setting sail with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ [Updated] | Hero Complex | Los Angeles Times.

So this article confirms that to one extent or other, PotC4 does look to be based on the Tim Powers book On Stranger Tides. Powers’ attitude? Much more realistic and healthy than my own, as I still cringe to see a single on of Powers’ characters usurped by Barbossa or Sparrow. But as some readers pointed out, you can’t judge a movie until you see the movie, which is true. 

I still find Disney’s need to harvest pre-existing texts as a bad sign – it could well mean they’re looking for a short-cut fix to not having any story ideas of their own. OR, maybe they’ll spin gold out of it – I’ve certainly been wrong before.

Bilgemunky’s almost 100!

Well, not exactly. But next week’s show (October 12th) will be Bilgemunky Radio‘s 100th episode! Actually, that’s not quite true, it will be the 142nd, but if we only count since we started doing podcasts, it will be episode 100!

Big surprises are in store, so don’t miss the fabulous 100 Episode! Tell your friends, tell your mayor, and spread it throughout the internet, because this will be an episode for the ages!