Free Shipping on RootJack (Today Only!)

I wouldn’t normally post about a Cyber-Monday deal, but Rootjack (the exceptionally piratey rootbeer) is dreadfully hard to come by in local stores, so shipping is really the only way. And since shipping these days is so dreadfully expensive, FREE SHIPPING on the piratey-est rootbeer around would seem news worth sharing. You can order RootJack from Enter the code CYBERMONDAY for orders over $25 to qualify for free shipping!

Oh, and if you don’t already know about RootJack, check out our review.

Review: Mount Gay 1703

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
mtgay1703Mount Gay used to be cool, but now it’s one of *them*.

I’m giving this rum zero stars. Is it really a zero star rum? No – probably a three and a half would be more fitting. Maybe even four. But I’m a longtime fan of Mount Gay Extra Old – a $30 rum that easily achieves 4.5 stars. And so when I try Mount Gay’s new, $100 bottle, I have high expectations. And sadly, these expectations came crashing down. Not because it’s bad, but because its sophistication has reached such a level that it no longer feels like a “rum” experience. Mount Gay 1703 has forgotten rum’s roguish past, and this is why I give it no stars whatsoever. Continue reading

Review: The Legend of Salty Jim

Rating: ★★★★☆
Genre: Pirate Metal
Rating: PG
Target Audience: Metal-Heads and fan of Pirate-Core

There’s just something about pirate metal. While musically they couldn’t be further removed from actual historical pirates, there’s something in their dress/manner/attitude that makes you believe they “get it.” Blackbeard might have drunkenly sang the songs of the folk singer, but I’d bet gold dust that he’d rather party with the metal-heads. Continue reading

Rustmonster Talks about Bilgemunky

Rustmonster pirate music » RUSTMONSTER work with Bilgemunky on a new song.

I tell ya, there’s nothing better than when another pirate band/magazine/website chooses to write about me online. Not only does it further inflate my already dangerously overstuffed ego, but it also allows me to link their article and give the impression that I’m actually posting once in a while (and absolutely *not* neglecting this website as I prepare for winter. Seriously, those acorns don’t bury themselves.)