Pirate Christmas Videos – Gwen Stefani

What’s that, you say? Gwen Stefani ain’t piratey? Well, this video begs to differ. And not Christmassy, you say? Check out Gwen’s swashbuckly sexy outfits, and tell me you give a festive flip whether it’s Christmassy or not. And if you ladies aren’t so readily impressed by Miss Stefani’s sex appeal, then you’ll surely be enraptured by her shoes.

I’m sure they’re to die for.

I didn’t really notice.

Little Big Planet Pirates

I won’t pretend for a moment that I actually understand what the hell “Little Big Planet” is, but they have a Pirates of the Caribbean expansion coming out, and I have to admit it looks pretty slick. Cute, ragdoll versions of the characters we know making weird faces and having bizarre adventures and getting killed in a thousand non-fatal ways. Check out the trailer for yourself:

Bilgemunky Radio Playlist #107

Ahoy ya blighters – tonight’s show was packed with all sorts of specialness! Never-before-aired pirate Christmas tunes, new Abney Park airship pirate music, dedications about job interviews, broken heaters, and stupid drummers; Bilgemunky singing, and even a few heartfelt reminders that your Paypal donations to bilge@bilgemunky.com help keep this show afloat! Continue reading