Blackbead’s: When “I Love You” Just Isn’t Enough

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That’s right, our friends at Blackbeads have released a line of pirate-themed Valentine’s Day cards just in time for (wait for it…) Valentine’s Day. Some will invoke squishy feelings in your lady love, while others might get you smacked. Of course, which is which depends on her┬átemperament, so choose carefully!

That’s What Makes Them Pirates, the musical

Mike Mennard has already impressed us with his fun, family-friendly CD of original pirate tunes, but now he’s gone one step better and created a whole play based on the album! “That’s What Makes Them Pirates” is a musical put on by Union College in Nebraska (this might be the first Nebraska pirate event ever. Now if we could just get the Dakotas into gear). A brief synopsis, lifted from their Facebook page: Continue reading

Roller Derby, and the World’s Largest Breast Exam!

The Chesapeake Roller Derby is no mere pirate-themed roller derby team – nay lads, it’s a whole flogging pirate-themed LEAGUE! So if you’ve ever wanted to see guy and girl pirates get all garbed up, strap wheels to their feet, and then clobber each other, now’s your chance! Of course, I don’t actually know if that’s what roller derbiers do, but I’ve always assumed so based on movie previews.

Their first event is January 23rd, which will also include an effort to get into the Guiness Book of World Records for “the largest simultaneous self breast exam.” I’m unclear whether that means the largest number of simultaneously examined breasts, or the simultaneous examination of the world’s largest breast, but in either case it sounds like a party.