Bacardi named ‘Rum Master of the Year’ (gag me)

Bacardi named ‘Rum Master of the Year’ – The Shout, Hotel News, Liquor News, Bar + Club News.

Yup, it seems that according to “The Spirits Business” magazine, the honor of “Rum Master of the Year” should go to a rum that’s “an exceptional spirit with great mixability and a flavour that creates the best drinks and cocktails.” This, as opposed to a rum that’s, well, worth a damned as a rum. Continue reading

Review: Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Rating: ★★★★½

By and large I don’t give spiced rum much consideration these days. Sure, rum&cokes are fine things now and then, and the rare exception of Kilo Kai managed to tap into spiced rum’s more impressive potential, but mostly I prefer my rum untarnished (‘neat’, as landlubbers call it.) I do owe Captain Morgan’s Private Stock a debt of gratitude, as it ushered my early days of rum consumption, being rather more approachable than others available to me. But over time I found myself outgrowing Private Stock as its cheap alcohol undertones became more noticeable beneath a seeming increasingly thin veil of spiciness.

So yeah, the world of spiced rum largely remained outside of my field of vision – but then along came the Kraken (‘Along Came the Kraken,’ incidentally, sounds like the title of a smashing children’s book or romantic comedy, but I digress.) First off, you can’t mention Kraken Rum without mentioning their ad compaign – one minute spent at their website will tell you that this is a rum company that not only has great pride in their product, but a smashing sense of humor to boot. Whatever Kraken pays their ad guys, it’s not enough. But fun videos and goofy humor aside, ultimately the proof is always in the pudding, and I’ve been hurt before. So let’s examine the rum on its own terms…

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Midwest Custom Bottling

I live in Wisconsin. This may come as a surprise to you, but Wisconsin is not exactly a hotbed of piratey activity. Sure, we have a “great” lake, and a few tallships, but no sea monsters, no whales, no desert island hideouts, and all of our rum has to be shipped in from far, far away. It’s just a part of life I’ve come to accept.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that Rum Chata, a new rum-cream product (keep an eye out for a review in the near future) is made a mere 20 minutes from my own home. SHOCK! And compound my excitement all the more when Tom Maas, owner of Midwest Custom Bottling invited me over for a firsthand tour of the operation. Continue reading