Review: Better Than Live

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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Genre: Contemporary Pirate Folk
Rating: PG
Target Audience: Fans of folk and faire style pirate tunes. Sad, sad ones.

The thing about the band Marooned is that you should never listen to them while drinking rum. It’s not that they aren’t piratey – it’s just that alcohol can promote depression, and so can Marooned. Slow and somber, mostly a capella songs of death and despair, it’s best to stay sober lest you start blubbering into your mug. But even if you prefer your rum cut with the salty bitterness of your own tears, at least take a moment to hide the rope and razorblades. Continue reading

Treasure Island Reboot Planned

Treasure Island Reboot Planned.

I’m getting a little impatient regarding pirate movie rumors. For months there have been stories about a Captain Blood remake (in space) as well as a new Blackbeard movie. So far they both seem to be little more than gossip. And now, just today, the internet is suddenly flooded with stories about a newer, hipper version of Treasure Island in the works. Here’s another story:

Treasure Island will Make Long John Silver Sexy

Some of the pirate movie rumors out there are scary (“hipper” Treasure Island, for example), but ultimately a good movie is a good movie, and a bad one is bad. So whether the pirates are in the Caribbean, in space, or in the dance club, I’m more than happy to give it a chance. But for cryin’ out loud, someone has to actually *make* one of these movies, rather than just talk about it.

At least PotC4 is pretty much a sure thing. Let’s just hope it doesn’t involve Jack Sparrow going into space 😛

And now something for 4-eyed pirates

I love Jas. Townsend. While they’re a little late period for a hardcore pirate reenactor, you can’t beat the quality/price/selection ratio offered by these guys. Many of my staple items come from them – my favorite sailor slops, for example. And yet I’ve never bothered to review them. I guess I’m just a jerk.

Oh yeah, they’re having a sale on period eyeglasses. Check out the video and then break out your credit card!

After Action Report: Port Radisson Pirate’s Rendezvous 2010

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the Port Radisson Pirates Rendezvous in Sacramento California, and it was a blast! The festivities began on Friday night with a meet&greet party in the hotel’s bar and back patio, and after a slow start it quickly got to kicking with dozens of well-dressed pirate enthusiasts. We did have to share the bar with some non-pirates (some of whom were more keen than others on sharing barspace with pirates), but for the most part a fun and festive atmosphere was maintained. Entertainment was provided by the Brotherhood of Firebenders (an interesting name, being as this group seems to be 80% female), who spun flames out on the back patio first, and then spun glowy things indoors a bit later (silly California fire codes.) But primarily the attraction this night was fellow pirates chatting, drinking, and dancing (especially when someone finally convinced the house DJ to slip some Pirates Charles into his mix.) Continue reading