PotC4 to be in 3D – if this surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention

Seriously, this only barely qualifies as news. 3D is currently trendier than…

…trendier than…

…well, I don’t know, being as nobody every clues me in on what’s cool or fashionable. But 3D is up there, make no mistake. I was saying back in early April that there was no way Pirates of the Caribbean 4 would *not* be in 3D – it’s just the Disney way right now. Personally this news means little to me as I’ll just save the few bucks and see the regular 2D version. But for those of you who enjoy seeing swords and tentacles wiggled in front of your nose (I said tentacles), this must be joyous news.

BBC News – Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ‘to be made in 3D’.

Review: Dirk and Arrow Custom Flag

Rating: ★★★★½

I’ve stated before that a pirate needs a hat, and this is true. But a pirate also needs a flag. After all, if a pirate doesn’t have a flag, then what will they hoist before attacking Spaniards? Well, without a pirate flag they’ll either hoist their nation’s ensign (which makes them a privateer, and a poser), or they hoist whatever happens to be onhand at the time, which can lead to all sorts of embarrasing situations.

So yeah, a pirate needs a flag. And while many pirates opt to buy the first cheapo jolly roger they can get their hands on, TRUE pirates will design their own Continue reading

Captain Morgan Love tha Baseball

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve always respected Captain Morgan Rum. As a brand, it’s fun and piratey. And as a rum – well, they have no illusions about what they are. Unlike some pedestrian rums with delusions of top-shelf grandeur (*cough* Bacardi), Captain Morgan seems to be comfortable in their own skin as a mainstream party mixer – and nothing wrong with that. So yeah, it’s fitting that one of America’s favorite mixer rums would team up with one of America’s favorite sports by throwing the first pitch at Baseball Games:

Captain Morgan | First Pitch | MLB.com: Sponsorship

Fun idea, and a great way to continue the gradual infiltration of pirates into mainstream culture. The takeover has begun!

Be sure and watch some of the videos of Morgan as well. What surprised me most is that *I* actually seem to have a better pirate voice than the bloke portraying Captain Morgan. Any rums need a spokesman?

We Are Pirates – a Tribute to Running Wild

Although their influence in the larger world of PirateCore is surprisingly minimal, there’s no doubt that Running Wild were trailblazers when it came to mixing piracy with contemporary music. And their influence within the world of pirate metal is beyond doubt. The metal band Orden Ogan decided to pay a little tribute to just that fact with their song and video We Are Pirates. It’s pretty fun. Oh, and if you’re wondering who the old guy with the 80’s hair is, and why the chicks all clearly love him for some reason, well, he’s one of the guitarists from the legendary band itself. And there’s nothing that ladies love more than pirate guitarists, who are considered twice as sexy as pirate haberdashers, and four times sexier than pirate DJs.

“…culprits are not pirates but sea robbers” – Say what now???

The term “pirate” has been – for good or ill – greatly compromised in recent history. Illegal file transfers, copyright violation, and all sorts of other non-piratey things have comfortably settled beneath the umbrella of “piracy.” But this Malaysian article would seem to bring us full circle as it indirectly criticizes folks for properly applying our favorite term to actual pirates. To accuse folks of mistaking “sea robbers” for “pirates” truly strains credulity (see what I did there? Vague PotC quote. Boo-yah!) and makes me wonder if I’ve fallen asleep and woken up in Oppositeland. Or Canada.

Naval commander says culprits are not pirates but sea robbers | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia..

The Pirate Rulebook (Horrible Histories)

Black Bart Roberts was surely the best and worst of pirates. He was the best because you just can’t argue with results – I mean, the guy was responsible for some of the grandest raids ever known to man. Blackbeard, for all his fame, had nothing on Black Bart’s booty ledger. But Bart was the worst in that he was just one party foul after another. A tea drinking dandy, rum never passed his lips and he even made his crew follow all these silly “rules.” Sure, these “rules” probably made sense at the time, and were likely the key to Black Bart’s wild success… but… RUM!!! GAMBLING!!! WTF???

Enjoy this educational video.