P!nk has Scurvy!

Still getting settled after returning from NorCal last night, so I’ll be lazy and just post this video of Pink singing “Scurvy” – I think it was done for Spongebob Squarepants, as rumors has it they’ve been having an affair. In truth, this video is pretty lazy as well – cute, I suppose, but I feel like the songwriters, producers, and Pink herself sort of just cranked it out before their morning coffee.

Off to NorCal!

I’m off to The NorCal Pirate Festival first thing in the morning, so things will be a little quiet at Bilgemunky.com. Here are some ideas of how to pass the time:

  1. Patch up that embarrassing hole in your slops
  2. Try a new rum
  3. Finally learn how to tie a knot other than Square
  4. Buy a pirate CD from your favorite Pirate-Core band
  5. Get your ass to NORCAL!

    See you next week (unless I see you in California this weekend 🙂

    I Gotta Side with Bacardi on This One…

    Hrmmm…  a bartender screws up his pyrotechnic drink mixing, thus burning a customer. The customer, who in this case likely has a good reason to sue, bypasses the bartender, bypasses the bar, and instead sues the rum that caught fire. I guess the bar didn’t have deep enough pockets.

    Law.com – Burn Victim’s Suit Goes Forward Against Bacardi Over Bartender’s Pyrotechnics

    Barbancourt Back in Business! (and it kills grass)

    You don’t need me to tell you that the Haiti earthquake was devastating. And I’m not even going to pretend that its halting of the country’s rum production was the greatest tragedy. But it’s always sad to see an iconic rum producer’s future threatened, and so it’s good to see them back running. Their extraordinary efforts at helping their neighbors is also pretty slick! I thought about making a voodoo joke at this point, but decided that might be in poor taste 😛

    Full story at VOA News.

    Review: Roaring Dan Maple Rum

    Rating: ★★★½☆


    It’s just a fact – Wisconsin is known for cheese. You want to know two things Wisconsin isn’t known for? Rum and pirates. But surprising as it might be, Wisconsin now has both.

    “Roaring” Dan Seavey was indeed the only person ever charged with piracy on the Great Lakes, and it’s for this reason that the Great Lakes Distillery opted to name their very first rum in his honor. A scalliwagg of the early 20th century, Roaring Dan was hardly your typical golden age swashbuckler – but he was mean and cantankerous enough to put even Blackbeard to shame. Indeed, Blackbeard never used his own ship as a floating whorehouse, nor did he dispatch an opponent in a bar brawl by dropping a piano on his head.

    Like the seagoing miscreant whose name it bears, Roaring Dan Rum is far from typical. Continue reading

    Armada of the Damned Trailer

    Holy carp, words cannot express the sheer awesome might that this game will be. Did I just see a special combat move where you stab your opponent’s foot to the ground? I think I did. Did he later kick him in the nuts? Maybe. And use an anchor like a flail? Most def. And the scenery, the characters, and all the rest? I feel all tingly. I don’t say this lightly – it just MIGHT be the best pirate video game ever!

    NorCal Fast Approaching!!!

    That’s right – NorCal Pirate Festival is just over one week away! And believe me, this is NOT a festival to miss. I’ve been there every year since it started – and if ever a festival hit the ground running, it was NorCal. And it’s only gotten better. Check their website at www.norcalpiratefestival.com for full details on entertainment, vendors, and all the rest of it. And also check out this recent news article in the Vallejo Times Herald:

    Shiver me timbers, Pirate’s Festival sails into Vallejo