Travel Like a Pirate (no, that doesn’t mean mutiny)

Now through October 19th, is accepting entries for their “Travel Like a Pirate Contest”, which includes airfare to Aruba, lodging at the Hyatt Regency, food and sailing with two establishments of very piratey names (Pirate’s Nest and Jolly Pirates, respectively), and even a tour of the Balashi Brewery. Entry is free, so check it out at:

Travel Like a Pirate – Aruba Trip Giveaway | NileGuide

For those of you who only know about Aruba in that it’s mentioned in a Beach Boys song (and therefore on the girly side of piratey), you might be interested to know that not only was it once the home of buccaneers (and still the home of a standing pirate castle according to some site I found through Google), but “aruba” is also the name of the fuel that airship pirates use in the Kenneth Oppel book “Airborne” – so it’s piratey AND steampunky. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Rum Palmera Distillery, cuz it’s not a pirate vacation without grog.

After Action Report: BrethrenCon 2010

Let’s be honest – when you think of prime locations for a pirate convention, Denver Colorado doesn’t exactly spring to mind. You can’t get much more removed from any sort of maritime community, and the high altitude might leave you a little giddy before you even crack open the rum. But then, you don’t exactly need water to engage in many of the very best pirate activities – carousing is best done on dry land, and dancing to some pirate tunes is just as easily achieved in a hotel ballroom as on the deck of a ship. And that was the beauty of BrethrenCon 2010 – a single hotel for a day was made ground zero for pirate enthusiasts from miles around (Colorado does indeed have a surprisingly large and diverse pirate population.) Continue reading

Bilgemunky Radio 144 – Bilgemunky Refuses Lava Pain


Tonight’s episode marks the end of Talk Like a Pirate Day Month 2010. But this doesn’t mean the party has to stop (although Bilgemunky might be a bit more intelligible for a while.) Also, a special thanks to our long time sponsor, who’s continued support helps keep this show afloat each week. October is almost upon us, so check out for your piratey halloween needs!

Oh yeah, the playlist:

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Jollyship The Whiz Bang – Roving (3:21)
3. Roy Metté – Black Beard (4:25) Continue reading

Pirates of the Burning Sea going FREE!

I’m pretty psyched about this news. I know that PotBS isn’t a perfect MMO, but I rather liked it, and only gave up my account because me schedule only allowed for erratic play time, thus preventing me from getting my subscription fee’s worth each month. But with the game going free, I can pop in game or not to my heart’s content.

Pirates of the Burning Sea » Free to Play

No official word on when the free launch happens, but it sounds like it won’t be long. Who’s up for a little pillaging?

Yo Ho Yee Haw! Dolly Parton is Going Pirate!

That’s right, folks – now that it’s reached the age of consent, Dolly Parton is closing the doors on her long-running Dixie Stamped, and instead setting a course for a new attraction titled Pirates’ Voyage.

Parton ending Dixie Stampede show in Myrtle Beach –

I have no earthly idea what a Dolly Parton helmed pirate attraction will be like, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit excited by this. Pirates, as we all know, are often the victims of cliché, and this promises at the very least to be a novel endeavor. Gets it Wrong has reported on The Portland Pirate Festival’s recent effort at breaking the current record for most pirates gathered. The article correctly reports that Portland, at 1,700 pirates fell short of the current record of 6,166 (currently held by England), then then went on to erroneously state that Portland does hold the record within the US. Actually NorCal set that record in June with 2,646.

Portland Pirate Festival misses the world record but tops the U.S. mark

That aside, I really think that this constant battle for the recognition of Guinness is something we should all move on from. It was fun for a while, but I’ll take a better event over a larger event any day – and at the current record numbers it’s going to be increasingly tricky to achieve both.

Review: Blackheart Rum

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum is the sort of rum that pirate enthusiasts will home in on like gangbusters. From its name to its logo featuring a tattered heart&crossed swords, and then of course to the fetching pirate cutey in her hat, stripey shirt and bucket boots, coily giving either a, “come hither” or “I’m about to stab you” look (it’s tough to tell sometimes), this is packaging that’s bound to turn a head or two. And the price isn’t bad either.

The rum itself is a nice basic amber – not too light so as to look wussy, and not so dark as to scare off the wusses. To the nose Blackheart carries the usual suspect amongst spiced rums – vanilla. But from there it continues on in a sweet direction, not so much spicey as full of toffee perhaps a hint of chocolate. There’s only a slight note of an alcohol burn – only truly apparent if you inhale too sharply (at which point it does indeed burn.) Continue reading

Vote for Pirates For Sail’s Next Cover…

This piece of fun was sent to me by Black Dog Nate of the Pirates for Sail:

“Cover Comissions” is a monthly feature on the cover music blog Cover Me ( in which readers get to vote for which song the featured artist will cover. This month, in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, Pirates For Sail has taken over for a fully piratical installment! We’ve provided a list of ten fine nautical tunes, so vote for your favorite and we’ll record the winner. Voting ends at midnight on Friday, September 24.

So there it is – vote now to choose from such songs as Rock Lobster or A Pirate Looks at 40. I would have included Bad Romance on the list, but oh well.