Blackbeard Crawls Over 30 Story Building for Special Olypics…

Seriously, no joke. Blackbeard himself (well, perhaps it’s one of his “helpers”) will be rappelling the 30 story Wachovia building in Raleigh on October 2nd, 2010. It’s a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, just so you know, so cough up some doubloons and donate today:

Special Olympics North Carolina – Chris Suttle’s Fundraising Page

I’ve already tossed some coin myself – and with the help of readers, I’m sure we can help Blackbeard make a serious dent in his $1,000 goal!


Sims 3 Releases Pirate Expansion

For those of you who are all nutty about Sims 3, there’s now a Pirate Expansion, so you may commence rejoicing. Personally, I’ve never played Sims, and only have a vague idea what it’s about – something like a combination between Civilization and a Digipet, maybe? Like, you build a community of virtual slackers and then take it in turns to feed them or torment them? Hell, I don’t need a video game to do that – they’re called Sea Monkeys, and they *hate* it when you blast Bob Marley music into their aquarium!

Arrrgh! The Sims 3 Gets Pirate-y

Club Hedonism Goes Pirate!!!

Proving that piracy is indeed the¬†Worcestershire¬†Sauce of the world (it makes everything better), Hedonism II has announced their upcoming Pirate Fantasy Fest. And seriously, the link is NSFW, so don’t click it if that might get you in trouble or offend your sensibilities.

For those that don’t know, Hedonism II is supposed to be a sexually-charged Jamaican resort. I’ve never been, but my understanding it always makes for a memorable, exciting vacation. And that it will be pirate-themed the week of October 23-30 can only add to the equation – Booze Cruises, harlot contests, pirate garb fashion show, pirate-erotic stage show… the only thing they seem to be missing is the world’s greatest pirate DJ. Hmmm…

So yeah, the long and short of it – sexy pirate vacation, and apparently some real efforts to make it awesomely pirate themed!

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Month!!!

It’s September! Which means it’s time to start practicing your “ayes” and “arrrs” – but you already know that, don’t you? That’s the challenge of running, because my readership is far more intune with the comings and goings of Talk Like a Pirate Day than most folk, so I can’t simply write a lame “Did You Know Talk Like a Pirate Day is Actually a Holiday?” article like most every other online periodical out there. So, I guess I’ll need to try a little harder to mark the beginning of Talk Like a Pirate Day Month:

September 10th – National Read Naked Like a Pirate Girl Day

That’s right, September 19th isn’t the ONLY pirate holiday month, at least not if you live in Chicago where you can watch girls read like naked pirates. Actually, I’m not sure what that means exactly, but bully to them for getting creative. And naked. Arrr…

Talk Like a Pirate Day, as we all know, is the glorious brainchild of Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket. Talk Like a Pirate Day Month however, is Bilgemunky’s own humble extension. And note that it’s not Talk Like a Pirate Month I’m suggesting, which would indicate a whole month of talking like a pirate, but rather Talk Like a Pirate Day Month, meaning one day of celebrating pirates by talking like a pirate, and a full month celebrating the existence of Talk Like a Pirate Day, probably also by talking like pirates. Or drinking rum. Or finding Slappy and/or Chumbucket and buying them drinks. Or groceries.