In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

Today closes out the final week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Technically there are two more days in October, but what with it being Halloween weekend no one is going to be thinking about breasts (hah!) So as we bid farewell to this auspicious month, Caribbean Pearl of Pirate Fashions and the Hot Pirate Babes Calendar reminds us all what the pink ribbon is fighting for. Enjoy!

This video was recorded during the Southern Pirate Festival just this past weekend. Stay tuned next week for my official after action report! And if you want to do something in the fight against breast cancer, don’t let the end of October stop you. For that matter, check out the Privateer Feast to Save the Treasured Chest, an annual piratey event organized by Team Wench for this very cause!

Bilgemunky Radio 147 – Pirate Halloween


Tonight we celebrate the Halloween season with piratey songs of ghosts, skeletons, and other dead things upon the high seas!

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Ceann – The Worst Pirate Song (3:46)
3. Ghoultown – Drink With The Living Dead (6:11) Continue reading

Here we go again…

It happened time and again with Pirates of the Caribbean 3. During development, Keith Richards made headlines for his pending role as Jack Sparrow’s father. Then he made headlines when the role turned out to be just a rumor. Then again when the rumors turned out to be true. Back and forth, back and forth, lots of gossip with no actual news.

Well, guess what? Headlines have been made again during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides, once again suggesting that Keith Richards will return. I found this dubious, since Disney had pulled him from promoting PotC3 after he publicly suggested he’d mixed up his father’s ashes with cocaine and snorted them. Those were the rumors, anyways. So you’ll understand why I found his return to be less than likely. And so now I find myself utterly not-surprised at the latest headline:

Keith Richards Role Cut from Pirates of the Caribbean 4 for Drug Use?

Shock!!! But don’t worry, Captain Teague fans – I’m sure we’re in for a ping-pong match regarding Keith Richards’ participation (or lack thereof) in this latest PotC installment. The only thing not in question is his history of drug use, so perhaps Disney should just make its peace with that one way or the other.

The Noble Pirates

I just don’t have the eyes to read a novel on my PC monitor, nor do I have an iPad. Which is all the worse for me, as The Noble Pirates looks pretty slick. A tale by a writer who felt Pirates of the Caribbean was too stark a departure from reality, it apparently involves time travel and, well, pirates. If I could read more without my eyes going all nutty I’d tell you more. So instead, let’s try something different – how about some of you fiction-starved readers take a gander and let us know what you think in the comments below?

The Noble Pirates

Oh, and a gold star for whoever first posts the secret of time travel according to The Noble Pirates. So far, other pirate books I’ve read have utilized ancient contraptions, caves, sleep, deep-sea-vortexes, and beef jerky (ok, I made that last one up.)

Avast! Piratey Anti-Virus Software

Has anyone ever tried Avast! for their anti-virus/spyware/hacker needs? I mean, it’s sort of pirate themed, what with the name and all. And this past TLAPD they made efforts to be even more piratey with a pirate english option. How sweet is that?

My own anti-virus is only so-so, and expires in January. So if any of you have knowledge of Avast!, let me know how it works for you! Always looking to support piratey businesses, even if their business is, er, anti-piracy.

Review: Hook&Jill

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Note: generally speaking, I avoid spoilers in my reviews. But this time I found it tough to avoid, so consider this your due warning – spoiler alert!

In my years of writing pirate book reviews, I’ve definitely seen those that I’ve adored, and others I’ve not cared for. It’s not always a question of quality, either – sometimes a book is well conceived and well crafted, but just isn’t for me. I’d thought that was going to be the case with this review, as indeed, the first 2/3 of the novel Hook&Jill by Andrea Jones simply wasn’t to my taste. But never have I seen such a recovery – the final third of this book felt like setting off a killer fireworks display that you’d spent the entire afternoon assembling – a long time coming, but worth the wait.

Essentially this book begins as the story of Peter Pan as we more or less know it. Wendy and her brothers have spent an undefined amount of time (a month? a century?) in the company of Peter and his Lost Boys. Wendy plays the mother to Peter’s father, and they all continue in an unchanged routine of daily adventures, Wendy’s tales, Peter’s rules about not growing up, and – for Wendy, anyways – a growing restlessness. Continue reading

Bilgemunky Radio 146 – Frying Pan to Fire


Back from the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival, a brief shining moment of Bilgemunky Radio, and then off to the Southern Pirate Festival – it’s a busy time to be a Pirate DJ, but we still made time for some new tunes from The Dreadnoughts, Celtic Mayhem, All the Apparatus, and much more. Thanks to our continued sponsors at!

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Rustmonster – Bosun’s Song (2:21)
3. Jolly Garogers – Let’s Fight Tonight (3:00)
4. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – Ship2Ship (2:49) Continue reading

Southern Pirate Festival in Less Than 1 Week!!!

Wow, only a few more days until the Southern Pirate Festival in Columbus, Georgia. This will be my first time visiting this fest, but they have some fine entertainment lined up (plus a stellar Pirate DJ for their Dead Buccaneers Ball.) It’s not too late to make your plans, so book some tix and I’ll see you there!