After Action Report: Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival 2010

Pub Crawl - 1 down, 13 to go!

As I understand it, the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival has a checkered past. What was once a grand affair then fell on hard times, and it was debatable whether or not a 2010 Festival was even worth the trouble. But, after assigning a new management team to the project, Fort Myers Beach decided to give the fest on more go before calling it quits – and all the better for us. From where I sat, the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival 2010 couldn’t have gone more swimmingly. Great weather, great location, and thousands of pirates; both long-term and weekender. Continue reading

Now For Something Awesome…

So we started the day with some very lame news about Pirates of the Caribbean’s Armada of the Damned. Let’s now move on to something pretty sweet – a Captain Morgan commercial (say wuuut?!?)

Contrary to popular belief, I actually have some respect Captain Morgan Rum. They seem comfy in their own skin as a decent spiced mixer rum – the choice of frat boys everywhere. Unlike some other “rail” rums (*choke* Bacardi), I’ve never seen them attempt any pretense of being top shelf. Plus, they have a pirate on the label, so that’s a plus.

Well, whether you love or hate the Morgan, you gotta love this commercial. I don’t have cable, so rum TV commercials often miss me – thank goodness I have loyal listeners to bring such awesomeness as this to my attention:

Armada of the Damned No More

It would seem a typical Disney move to cancel the development of an awesome looking pirate game scheduled to release right in the middle of the pirate fever presumed to follow Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Thank god I sold my stock in these hosers.

Disney cancels Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned; Propaganda suffers layoffs

On the bright side, perhaps it’s a good sign. Curse of the Black Pearl was by far the best of the trilogy, and it was accompanied by a Disney that was afraid to market, merchandise, or monopolize on it in any way. Maybe if the suits at Disney are again feeling standoffish about pirates, it means the creative forces behind Stranger Tides will be free to do things right. Or maybe it just means we’re all being deprived a killer pirate video game.

Review: Here There Be Pirates and Scallywag

Rating: ★★★½☆

For those of us who focus primarily on Pirate-Core style music, meaning that which bends&blends the pirate genre into new and exciting directions, it’s sometimes important – and refreshing – to revisit the roots of the genre. However, sea shanties as often performed can often come across rather soft and bland compared to the gritty villainy found on more theatrical pirate CDs, which is why the likes of Tugboat Bromberg fill such a nice gap. Tugboat performs what I can only call “minimalist” pirate music – mostly just himself and a guitar. His voice isn’t exactly sinister, but it has just enough scratch to reach a “casually crusty” point that sounds right at home with pirate material. Continue reading

I’m off to the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival

I’m outta here for a weekend of proper piratey villainy at the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival, where I’ll be DJing at sea and ashore alike! Rum, pirates, Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew, something about real live mermaids, a pirate’s ball, and of course a pub crawl – should be a full couple of days, and I hope to see lots of you there!