Bilgemunky Radio 151 – MEGAMUNKY


This week, Bilgemunky Radio went MEGA, meaning over 40 extra minutes of airtime! Why? Just for giggles. Yarrrs. I meant yarrrs. Pirates don’t giggle. Thanks to our sponsors at – be sure and visit them when shopping for your pirate holiday apparel!

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – Burning Sea (3:10)
3. Pirates Charles – A Sailor’s Life For Me (2:36) Continue reading

Studio City Tattoo Launches Shirt Line…

Sweet, check out what my mates at Studio City Tattoo have been up to! SCT Clothing is a new line of t-shirts featuring tattoo-inspired artwork of varying pirate persuasion. Pictured here is the gorgeous Jolly Roger, which is a gloriously sinister skull flanked by crossed cutlasses and pearls – loosely based, I believe, on Studio City Tattoo’s own logo. Check out their website for more – Pearl Diver may well be another pirate favorite, while those wishing to attire themselves beyond the limits of strict piracy might enjoy the likes of Evil Spider or Unicorpse.

Oh, and any readers who mention this website when purchasing their shirt in-store will get a FREE Studio City Tattoo Doubloon, made from real copper and good for $5 off your next tattoo (while supplies last, offer not good for online shirt purchases nor online tattoos.)

What’s this – like, REVERSE pillaging?

Yeah, so it seems that Muskogee, Oklahoma, is in the targets of someone identified only as “the Pirate.” Except, instead of looting and pillaging, he’s giving away the gold. Previously he’s given $10,000 to the Education Foundation, and then back in Christmas 2008 he went on a total rampage of giving out $100 bills to random shoppers. Now The Pirate has struck again, donating $1,000 to a family who lost their home to fire.

Whether or not these are all the evil doings of a single pirate, or a case of copycat good samaritanism seems unclear. Read all about it here:

Pirate donates to family who lost house in fire

The world has pirates that deserve scorn (Somalia comes to mind), and others that get it without really earning it (Pirate Festivals have their share of knee-jerk detractors), but it’s refreshing to see a news story where the comments are all pro-“The Pirate”, lovey-dovey and such.

Bilgemunky Radio 150 – On Stranger Tides Tradeaway


Bilgemunky returns from St. Augustine refreshed and ready for rum and pirate tunage. And as a bonus, he has a spare edition of the On Stranger Tides Audiobook to trade with one lucky listener!

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Mary Malloy & Frank Stuart – Downfall of Piracy (4:08)
3. Alaskan Pirate & His Salty Seamen – Come Aboard (4:09) Continue reading

Bundaberg Kicks Ass!

I’ve never given Bundaberg rum much thought – mainly because I’ve never seen it available in the US. That, and I have to wonder about a rum that features a polar bear on the label. A polar bear? Really?!?

Well, wonder no more – this commercial demonstrates that Bundaberg Rum clearly and thoroughly kicks ass. Don’t know if it’s any good as a rum, but it kicks ass.

Support when you do your Xmas Shopping!

That’s right – the holidays are fast approaching, and social pressures will soon force you to cram your way into a shopping mall like a sardine lining up for cadet review. But thanks to the internet, it doesn’t have to be that way – you can just do all your shopping online! And better yet, if you do so with one of the links below, you can support your favorite website (, of course) while you do so! Just click here for all your holiday shopping!

Or, to make matters simpler, visit the Bilgemunky Amazon Store, where I’ve already set up an assortment of pirate goodies. Or better still, you can choose from one or two of my very favorites in the nifty¬†carousel¬†below. Isn’t technology neat?

Coolest Firgurehead EVER!

I think this was a concept for a lead miniature – the sort of thing guys that can’t get girlfriends collect, paint, and then use to have tabletop adventures of the imagination. But really, if you had a figurehead like this – even a miniature one – do you really NEED a girlfriend?

Actually, yes, you still need a girlfriend. Because if you try to date a ship’s figurehead you’ll not only have trouble getting into fine restaurants, but also, this gal looks pretty mean. You deserve better.

Anatomy of a Pirate

I forget where exactly I found this little gem, but I’m fairly certain it’s somehow related to the TellTale Games’ Monkey Island Adventures. If there’s any justice in the world, they’ll make it available as a t-shirt. Or better yet, an engraved marble coaster.