Boba Fett Rum, coming soon!

I’m off to St. Augustine! Normally when I head out of town to live the life of a rockstar Pirate DJ, I just let this website flap in the breeze like a white flag above a Spanish galleon. But this time I’ve decided to take pity on you poor neglected readers – indeed, for every day I’m gone, I’ve scheduled a new post to keep you company in my absence. Mainly these are cool piratey pictures I’ve come across over the years and never really had any use for. Take this defaced Captain Morgan bottle, for example:

Pretty slick, eh? I hear the rum still tastes like Captain Morgan, so don’t get too excited. More tomorrow!

It’s time… fer a gatherin’!

That’s right – St. Augustine Pirates Gathering is this very weekend, and I’m so excited that my socks keep flying off. Sort of like something you might see on Spongebob, only more piratey. Pirate vendors, a Buccaneer’s Bash, entertainment by The Brigands, Rusty Cutlass, BILGEMUNKY PIRATE DJ, and more… plus the tallship Lynx will be onsite. There’s also something listed about a “Pirate Court”, in which all the pirates are eventually brought to justice, but I might make myself scarce for that 😛

See you there!

Review: 2011 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar

Rating: ★★★★½

Now entering its fifth year, the Hot Pirate Babes Calendar has become a mainstay within the pirate community. Indeed, there’s a special place on my office wall that just wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t have a fetching pirate lass – be she angry or inviting – staring at me throughout her 30(ish) day reign. 2011 is nearly upon us, so now’s the time to lock in your year of pirate hotness. If you want it to be a year of surprises, then read no further as I will now engage in my annual ritual of evaluating these lasses’ varying degrees of pirateyness, combativeness, and – indeed – hotness.

January begins the year with a strong baseline. “Coastal Beauty” isn’t so much a remarkable or terribly creative photo as it is classic. The model boasts an “almost” functional pirate outfit (hardly historically accurate, but she might not catch her death at least) with weapons at the ready. Her steady face looks like she’s preparing to aim her flintlock – but what’s this? It’s not you she’s studying, but something over your left shoulder. Perhaps a villainous seagull, or god-forbid an airship pirate. Continue reading

Bilgemunky Radio 149 – No Worms Tonight


Loads of great music and fun requests tonight, and thanks to our longtime sponsors at There will be no show on Monday, November 15th, as I’ll be at the St. Augustine Pirates Gathering – hope to see lots of you there!

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Jolly Garogers – Let’s Fight Tonight (3:00)
3. Karkadens – Admirals of the Black (2:40)
4. Alestorm – Over The Seas (3:55) Continue reading

After Action Report: Southern Pirate Festival 2010

The Brigands, surprisingly, CAN do a family friendly show (when properly bribed).

The beautiful thing about hosting a pirate festival at a museum is that it’s already largely predecorated. Actually, that only works if it’s the right sort of museum – Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, for example, might be a poor fit. But the National Civil War Naval Museum provided a splendid backdrop for 2010 Southern Pirate Festival, which their website accurately described as “One Day of Family Fun & History” followed by “One Night of Debauchery.” Truly, something for everyone! Continue reading