Review: Kraken Up

Rating: ★★★½☆

Genre: Traditional and traditional-style sea shanteys
Rating: PG
Target Audience: Grownups, older kids, folks who prefer sugar and lime in their grog rather than sand and gunpowder

As a fan of pirate music, I often find myself amongst the villainous and off-key. Pirate music is commonly gritty, sinister, and more concerned with setting a swashbuckling mood than achieving musical perfection – and God love ’em for it! That said, once in a while it’s good to rise up from the bilges, sober up, maybe take a bath, and listen to some artists that have opted for a different, more polished musical endeavor. And that’s where Bounding Main is time and again a favorite amongst so many shanty-fans. Continue reading

Review: The Invisible Hook

Rating: ★★★★½

Did your eyes just glaze over?


Did they do it again?

Seriously, most pirate enthusiasts are all psyched about swashbuckling adventure and high-seas glory – words like “economics” are often considered a fast-track to a coma. And yet, economics is something we’ve likely thought about – and discussed with each other – in excruciating detail time and again without even realizing it. Economics, despite popular conception, isn’t a pile of dry mathematical formulas and bland theories, but rather it’s the science of determining why people do what they do. And when economical theory is aimed at our beloved subject of piracy, it’s rather amazing the sort of things that come to light. Continue reading

Bilgemunky Radio 160 – Pick the Lock


It was a somewhat more subdued night, as Bilgemunky was nursing the early stages of a headcold (that HOPEFULLY won’t last long). But we still had plenty of great pirate songs, and loads of listener requests!

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Hucklescary Finn – The Last Days of Scamalot (2:31)
3. Pirate Jenny – Pirate Jenny (5:23) Continue reading

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Launches Today :)

The fact that entertainment geared at kids under 10 always makes me feel awkward notwithstanding, there is no effort more noble than getting younkers into the pirate spirit at an early age. Jake and the Never Land Pirates premieres today:

Looks fun enough, although I feel like this show was written by videogame designers – the floating islands, the view from the ship’s bow dodging islands… methinks a Jake and the Never Land Pirates Game is surely right around the corner. Continue reading

Pirates of the Black Cove – coming soon (hopefully)

So Paradox Interactive and Nitro Games have just released this teaser for their “coming soon” PC game Pirates of Black Cove:

I guess the appropriate thing for me to do now would go, “Cooooool!” but I just can’t. Frankly, we’ve seen enough “teasers” for upcoming pirate video games and non-PotC movies this past couple of years, and precious little has come of any of it. So upon seeing a new pirate teaser comprised of nothing but concept art – I’m tired of being teased, and think I’ll reserve my enthusiasm for the time being.

That said, if we start seeing some real progress on this title, I’ll look forward to belting out some excitement post haste.

Visit the official website at for more info.