Pirate Playoffs 2011 at Seabeaver!

It’s the time of year again when we all vote for the Best Pirate Ever at Seabeaver! Last year’s winner was Blackbeard – this year I’m gunning for the dark horse LeChuck!

Pirate Playoffs 2011! « The Seabeaver

Vote for your favorite to see them face off against Blackbeard at the end of the battle! If your favorite isn’t in the running don’t be sad, it just means you like lame pirates.

OK, I guess you can be a little sad.


Bilgemunky Radio 164 – Luck of the OderlessIrish


When Irish eyes are smilin’ then all the beer must be drained. But that’s ok, cuz there’s still plenty whiskey and rum!

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Barley Boys – I’m An Irishman (3:29)
3. Captain Bogg & Salty – Port Side (1:48) Continue reading

Is this story correct? Usually these things involve Bacardi :P

Usually when I find a story about a stupid criminal doing something stupid for/while-drunk-on rum, it invariably involves Bacardi. But this time it seems Captain Morgan (and Captain Morgan Private Stock) served as this master criminal’s boozy muse:

Deputies: Rum thief left barrel of clues after bar burglary

So, do we respect him more or less? Private Stock isn’t exactly top shelf, but depending on the bar it might have been the best available. Perhaps we have a connoisseur on our hands?

Captain Morgan Gives Rum to Archaeologists – and not just a bottle or two

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum isn’t exactly top shelf. But, they don’t really claim to be, either. They actually seem pretty comfortable in their skin as a staple frat-party mixer rum, and for that I respect them. Fun commercials now and then as well. And now this:

Captain Morgan Rewards Archaeologists With Rum For Ocean Floor Find

That’s right – as a reward for finding the historical Morgan’s ship, Captain Morgan Rum is giving each expedition member a BARREL of their OWN BLEND of rum.


Crikes, that’s an incredibly sweet reward – and PLUS they’re offering a bonus to the first diver to recover a bottle of actual “Captain Morgan’s” rum (meaning that which at one point belonged to the man himself.) Whoever knew that hunting for sunken pirate treasure could be so lucrative?