Review: Bridge the Gap

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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So in all my years of, I’ve never reviewed a pirate app. I guess that’s largely because, until recently, I didn’t own a phone smart enough to handle such things. My phone was ok for making phone calls, was mil-spec rated for dust and vibration resistance, and could handle about 23 seconds of submergence in what I’d love to claim was rum, but was actually some sort of knockoff cool aid. Did I say 23 seconds? Cuz 24 seconds means it’s time to buy a new iPhone, as I recently learned. Continue reading

If a Jack Sparrow Look-alike Gets Peppersprayed in the Woods…

If a Jack Sparrow look-alike gets peppersprayed in the woods, does it count as pirate news? I suppose by the same standard that I consider it pirate news every time some jackass does something stupid with a bottle of Bacardi onhand, then yes. Yes, it does.

‘Jack Sparrow’ Pepper-sprayed By ‘Catwoman’ In Los Angeles Movie Character Brawl

OK, so it was in LA, not the woods, but it’s still pretty damned funny. Thanks to Mooncusser Jim and Captain Shinbones for sending this my way.