Defeat the Kraken – how come no games encourage befriending the Kraken?

Risen 2, it be on its way, and we have the video to prove it. I don’t love that the female lead looks like a freshly-washed Jack Sparrow wannabe, but in most other respects I’d say this looks pretty slick. Looking forward to checking it out firsthand!

Gaming Examiner | Risen 2: Dark Waters ‘Gameplay Trailer’ rises from the murky depths.

Review: Operation Rum App

Rating: ★★★½☆

I love pirates, and I love physics-based puzzle games. I also sort of like rum. And so an app such as “Operation Rum” comes along and it would indeed seem custom tailored for me. The concept is simple enough – one or more fairly rolly-polly shaped pirates are standing there drinking their rum, and it’s your job to get them into the pub. This is done by manipulating their enviroment – mostly by eliminating obstacles or dropping things – to roll them through the door. Reminds me of New Orleans 2009, to be perfectly honest. Continue reading