Review: Fortuna 8 Year

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Wine bottles should stand tall and proud, but I’m happiest when my rum bottles sit short and squat. It just seems right that a rum stay true to its maritime heritage by maintaining a low center of gravity and wide footprint so to better brave the rolling seas. Or if ashore, to better survive the accidental bumpings that so often occur in the immediate viscinity of delicious high proof spirits.

Fortuna, Ron Reserva Exclusiva is an eight year aged rum in a classy, lovely squat bottle. The green glass disguises the hue of the rum within, but this is soon remedied by breaking the foil and removing the cork. Upon doing so, the nose is immediately met with a combined sweetness and muskiness – caramel intermingled with subtle vegetation. In the glass, this rum is a light amber much akin to honey in color.

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Bilgemunky Radio 205 – THREE SCREENS (but not in stereo)

After three weeks of no show, Bilgemunky Radio triumphantly returns. Much akin to Serenity in Firefly, the new DJ studio is mostly built up from spare parts and junk – but that doesn’t mean she won’t fly (or at least saunter awkwardly through the air).

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Jollyship The Whiz Bang – Roving (3:21)
3. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – The 7 Seas (3:09) Continue reading

Risen 2 Gameplay Footage

Check it out – one minute of family squabbling followed by two minutes of swordplay. Love the scenery and music. Don’t love the continued trend of dreadfully unimaginative female pirate characters. Love how an NPC can cut you directly in the chest with a loud sound of sliced meat and you just shrug it off, which is exactly how it goes when I fight in real life ­čśÇ

Risen 2 Gameplay Video 04 – YouTube.

Do NOT Mess with the Pirates, Man!

Pirates like to talk tough, but sometimes you might wonder if we actually have the nerve to wield our stainless steel made-in-Taiwan swords when push comes to shove. Well, this would-be burglar just learned the answer the hard way:

Man Tries to Rob Pirate-Themed Bar; Sword Fight Ensues – Swagbucks TV

Thanks to Captain Killy of St. Croix for bringing this one to my attention.