Why I made this site:

Growing up a pirate can be difficult, especially in a family of Naval tradition – sure, we were all fond enough of ships and oceans, but pillaging was frequently an item of contention. Even so, my parents still found it in their law-abiding hearts to take me to Disney World to ride Pirates of the Caribbean – even bought me a hat. And they willingly took me to a shrimp festival in Georgia, full in the knowledge that a crew of scurvy pirates roamed freely, kidnapping folks for charity. I wasn’t lucky enough to be kidnapped (but I did get to try my first corndog.) Heck, my dear folks even took me to Long John Silver’s now and then.

Pirates were an integral part of my upbringing – just as they may have been a part of yours. Pirates are, afterall, a staple of our culture. This has been especially true of late, what with the current fashion and pop-culture trends. But even discounting this, figures such as Blackbeard and Captain Kidd are household names. And surprisingly enough, villians that they were, these same names are looked on rather fondly. For whatever reason, deep down inside people generally harbor a special affection for pirates.

A love of pirates is what this site is all about. Sure, there’s a love for the history, but mostly it’s a love of the myth – the legends. Facts have their place, afterall, but they should never be allowed to interfere with a good story. Peglegs and eyepatches abound, and plankwalking is a frequent activity. And while scurvy is a constant threat, it’s more a colorful buzzword than a seriously debilitating condition involving spongy gums.

Welcome to Bilgemunky.com — where pirates raid and pillage, drink rum and swagger, and perhaps fillet an unruly Spaniard now and again. But we’re really not bad folks. Honest!

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