Bilgemunky Radio 209 – Farewell and Adieu

Tonight’s Bilgemunky Radio marked our last episode before an extended hiatus. Due to mounting technical difficulties we’re just not currently able to produce a show of the quality you’ve come to expect, and will therefore be taking the summer off. This will give us time to regroup, purchase some new equipment, and drink margaritas. Enjoy tonight’s episode, and if you can’t make it through summer without your Monday night pirate music fix, check out the podcasts 🙂

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Bilgemunky Radio 205 – THREE SCREENS (but not in stereo)

After three weeks of no show, Bilgemunky Radio triumphantly returns. Much akin to Serenity in Firefly, the new DJ studio is mostly built up from spare parts and junk – but that doesn’t mean she won’t fly (or at least saunter awkwardly through the air).

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Jollyship The Whiz Bang – Roving (3:21)
3. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – The 7 Seas (3:09) Continue reading

Bilgemunky Radio 201 – Bewarrr the Big Banks

200 came and went, and now we’re on to 201. Having passed such a milestone, is there any reason to trudge forward? Well, let me start by pointing out that despite the rumors, the rum is indeed NOT yet gone. Nor, for that matter, is the pirate music. Tonight we featured a new piece from Pirates Inc, as well as a first-time played favorite from Pirates of the Great Salt Lake soundtrack.

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Kirby Heyborne – Chances (3:33)
3. Pirates Charles – Rye Whiskey (rise) (4:06) Continue reading

Bilgemunky Radio 200 – Two-freakin’-HUNDRED!!!


It’s our 200th podcast, and we celebrate by exploring the very best of the best from throughout the years! Rock, metal, shanties… it’s all here! Thanks so much for all the years of support 🙂

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Purple Heart – Pirates by Night (4:24)
3. Pirate Jenny – A Pirates Life Is Peaceful (1:58) Continue reading