Wait, fat jokes are sexist???

So apparently The Pirates: Band of Misfits is sexist, at least according to Margot Magowan, the writer of this linked article:

Porno or pirate movie for kids? | City Brights: Margot Magowan | an SFGate.com blog

In truth, she raises some compelling points about  how this film might have benefited from a more gender-balanced cast, but she also throws in an overly-alarmist title and some undue criticism at the few female characters. Yes, Cutlass Liz is a bit sexualized, but she also appears to be the most badass, competent pirate in the whole film – surely that’s a big win for the girls in the audience?

Oh yeah, and Margot repeatedly asserts it’s sexist to make a fat joke about a girl, although this makes me wonder what it is when you make a fat joke about a guy?

Kick(start) Mister Mac!

Is Kickstarter a blessing for pirate music or what? We have another favorite musician on the cusp of a new album, and now’s your chance to help make it happen!

Listeners of Bilgemunky Radio will be familiar with Mister Mac’s brilliant song Blood&Gold. If you want to hear what’s next for this artist and his new lovely costars, then lend your support today!

Mister Mac and the Mermaids by Mister Mac and the Mermaids — Kickstarter.

If a Jack Sparrow Look-alike Gets Peppersprayed in the Woods…

If a Jack Sparrow look-alike gets peppersprayed in the woods, does it count as pirate news? I suppose by the same standard that I consider it pirate news every time some jackass does something stupid with a bottle of Bacardi onhand, then yes. Yes, it does.

‘Jack Sparrow’ Pepper-sprayed By ‘Catwoman’ In Los Angeles Movie Character Brawl

OK, so it was in LA, not the woods, but it’s still pretty damned funny. Thanks to Mooncusser Jim and Captain Shinbones for sending this my way.

Pirates in Galveston? Surely you jest ;)

Pirates Legends of the Gulf Coast, has just opened in Jean Laffite’s old stomping grounds, Galveston Texas. Personally, I love Galveston and for a number of years made it an annual trip. The one thing it always lacked, though, was a decent pirate museum. But as you can tell from this article, that problem has now been remedied:

New interactive pirate museum opens in Galveston