Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a custom picture to show up next to my comments?

A. Bilgemunky.com utilizes a service called Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatars.) Visit www.gravatar.com and set up an account for yourself – it’s quick and it’s free. Once you’ve uploaded your own avatar via the the Gravatar website (make sure you’ve used the same email address you used when posting to Bilgemunky.com) then Bilgemunky.com will automatically insert your new picture next to any current or future posts you make.

Q. How can I buy the products you review?

A. Aside from our small line of official T-shirts, bandanas, and eyepatches, Bilgemunky.com is not a retail site – we do not sell the products we review. If you like what you see while reading one of our reviews, in almost every case there is a link at the top of the review to the manufacturer/retailer. That’s your best bet for buying these items, and be sure to tell them you learned about their products at Bilgemunky.com!

Q. Where can I buy (insert rum name here) in (insert state here)?

A. I don’t know. Sorry, but just because I drink a lot of rum doesn’t mean I know who stocks what throughout the country.

Q. Are you a total dolt? (insert rum name here) is my very favorite, and yet you call it wretch – was your tongue burned by acid when you were young?

A. Rum is a very subjective subject, and while I welcome opinions that disagree with my own, I do get tired of belligerent posts that choose to question my tastes entirely – especially regarding reviews that were posted several years ago. My rum reviews can be quite opinionated – I freely admit that. I have a strong preference for what I consider to be “heritage” and “naval style” rums – meaning the dark, oaky, molassesy sorts like you often find out of Barbados or Jamaica, and the peppery, bold sorts that reflect the mixes favored by the British navy. I don’t give a flat fig what rums won awards, and if I wanted my rum to taste like cognac, sherry, or port, then I’d pour myself a cognac, sherry, or port. A high end rum that tastes like any of the above might be very pleasant on the palette, but to a swab of my preferences they taste like fail.