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Fun Sites

Talk Like a Pirate Day
The central hub for all things pirate (so long as you have a sense of humor about it, and don’t count stitches.)

A website tracking the progress of an in-progress claymation pirate movie. Definitely a noble persuit!

Yo-Yo Island
Looking for a way to spend your disposable time and badwidth? Make Yo-Yo Island your port of call and you might never be heard from again.


Sites Selling Something

Pirate Mod
Without a doubt the most extensive selection of original jolly roger-based shirts, hoodies, etc. If you can’t find at least one you love, then you aren’t looking hard enough.

Dress Like a Pirate
All sorts of pirate swag – of particular use to the new recruit that wants to look great without spending a fortune. Also a goodly assortment of gypsy/bellydancing clothes and accessories, for the pirate gal seeking to spice up her attire beyond the typical “tavern wench” look.

Silhouettes Clothing Co.
Pirate clothes here, pirate clothes there, but if it’s replica quality Jack Sparrow attire ya seek, this be yer answer!

Rum Passion
Because Italians love rum too 🙂

Because you can never have too many sources for pirate party booty, Shindigz has a full assortment of standards as well as a few more unusual items. Plus they have a pirate sound-activated chip, which is great if you don’t have an actual tiny pirate to hide behind the toilet to surprise your guests.

Reconstructing History
They started as the “to go” place for genuine, authentic pirate clothing patterns (a rare gem indeed.) But they’re quickly evolving into a “one stop pirate shoppe” for all your piratey needs.

To Be a Pirate
Pirate clothing that’s affordable yet trendy. Perfect for novice club pirates, fashion pioneers, or anyone else looking to kick their pirate costume up a notch or two from the status quo.
An assortment of Halloween-appropriate pirate costumes. But then, if wearing a costume for you means NOT dressing like a pirate, then they have many other acceptable options.

Birthday Express
They have pirate gumball machines. And piñatas. seriously, doesn’t that say it all?

Costume Supercenter
His&her, young&old… pirate costumes for your next dockside pigroast or downtown raid.

Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe
Someday I’ll get meself a piratey tattoo, and when I do, you better believe it will be from Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe. Their artists are pirates, their decor is pirate, and their attitude (you guessed it) is PIRATE!

No Quarter Given
The longest-running pirate periodical available anywhere, and still one of the best.

Sea Wolf Clothing
Plenty of fun T-shirts, hats, and accessories featuring various pirate imagery and the very neat and distintive Sea Wolf logo. Some items modeled by a familiar face from Pirates of the Caribbean!
Clothing for the modern pirate, including t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and even baby clothes!
Pirate treasure for a pirates life…including Crossbones – The Swashbuckling Pirate Adventure Game. Talk and plunder like a pirate matey!

Pirate jewelry – cameos, beads, that sort of stuff. Also some nifty little charms to attach to your purse, if you carry one. Which I don’t.

Jolly Pirates
A real pirate ship out of Aruba. Take one of their snorkeling tours, and then just hang out at their open bar.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes
Sometimes you need authentic Caribbean garb, but other times you need Sexy Zombie She-pirate. If it’s holiday party pirate you need, these guys have plenty to choose from.

Seven Brothers Mercantile
A pretty respectable collection of affordable pirate flags – all your favorites (Blackbeard, Avery, Rackham) plus a few you may not have seen before.

Dead on Target Armory
Leather goods, like pouches and such. And leather gloves, so you can slap the mailman and challenge him to a duel.

Sites ta Learn Ya Somethin’
Home of the Pyracy Pub – the most all-encompassing forum out there for pirate fanatics. Very reenactor-centric. If you’re a weekender wanting to know what kind of miniskirt goes best with a tricorn hat… well, consider yourself warned.

Keep to the Code
Your number one stop for all news relating to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Also offers “members only” news and benefits.

Gettysburg Flag Works – Famous Pirate Flags
There’s often confusion about the truth of pirate flags – history or Hollywood? This site describes several of the better known pirate flags, as well as information about the scalawags that flew them.

Rob Ossian’s Pirate’s Cove
One of the web’s best-kept pirate secrets, Rob Ossian’s (pronounced “ocean”) Pirate’s Cove is a great source for pirate reference – biographies and definitions, all presented clearly and concisely.

Pirate Dentistry
Fun fact – pirates had teeth. At least, the luckier pirates had teeth. Those that didn’t lose them to scurvy, combat, or those sugary sweets that scallawags loved so well.

Rum reviews, certainly. But this site particularly stands out in its coverage of rum culture (meaning rum-related news and happenings, not monocles and pinkies in the air. Rum is for pirates, afterall!)

Refined Vices
Another rum review site worthy of mention. Not that Bilgemunky’s own rum reviews should leave you wanting. But if they do, then Refined Vices might help fill that void.

The Art of Age of Sail Terminology Database
If you’re looking to brush up on your nautical vocabulary, this is a fine place to start.

Rum Project
An alternative site for those who love rum. Surprisingly scholarly with regards to the hows and whys of rum appreciation.

Spirits Review
Hot dog, a real spirit-ual advisor, and no ectoplasm involved. Just gin, scotch, vodka, and… (wait for it)… rum! (as if we’d link them if there weren’t no rum)

Pirate Entertainers

Pirate School
Get your kids off to a good start by sending them to Billy Bones’ Pirate School (or better yet, hire Billy Bones to bring the school to YOU!

Island Paradise Ballon Art
Pirate balloon art. And he also seems to have a parrot. Yar.

Professor Parodox’s Pirate Show
Pirate children’s entertainer. Also featuring “Putrid the Pirate Parrot”, who really, I think we’d rather not meet.