I just puked in my mouth a little.

On the surface an article about Disney’s PotC ride being given a holiday makeover. OK fine. But keep reading and you’ll learn of plans for characters from OTHER films being intermingled amongst the pirates, Miley Cyrus replacing “the Redhead”, and the ability to “shop” while you ride the ride by pointing a telescope at merchandise tucked amongst the scenery and clicking a “charge me now” button.

And you thought George Lucas had a knack for violating your inner child. It seems he’s a saint next to the mouse. There’s a chance this is all a joke, but Disney has hardly earned my benefit of the doubt in such matters.

You better not pout – MiceAge.com.

Curses to Scarlett Harlott, who made me aware of this article and thus depriving me of sleep for the next week or two.

7 thoughts on “I just puked in my mouth a little.

  1. This might actually be worse news than… like, Nazis. If they actually do this, I propose that they will have a mutin-er, boycott on their hands.

  2. I finally saw the date of this article, and yeah, it was April 1st. I’d say that’s hopeful.

  3. Whew!
    Yeah, I missed that. If any of it’s true, I’d at least say the Miley Cyrus and Cars bits are highly suspect. Though I wouldn’t put the shopping part past them…

  4. This news is almost as disturbing as the movie clip I saw on YouTube for “Human Centipede”.

    I’m sure it’s an April Fool’s joke, though.

  5. 1. I NEVER doubt the Mouse’s ability to drain me last doubloon!
    2. I would hate it.
    3. I would still have to go.
    4. My daughters would have to be physically restrained from bankrupting me on each ride.
    5. Wait a minute we are Pyrates! We could take over all of the cute little boats and raid the village for REAL! (I call the Redhead and two cannons fer meself and me Wife claims one of the Jack Sparrows. You can fight among the rest of you fer what’s left.)

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