Pirate Events

Pirate Events

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Below is a complete listing of public events Bilgemunky has attended/performed at. For a more complete listing of pirate events (even those that Bilgemunky has yet to be invited to), please check out No Quarter Given’s Events Page)


Port Radisson features a unique blend of the convention and festival formats – taking place entirely in a hotel, it’s a great opportunity to party in semi-privacy with your fellow pirates. But daytime activities are largely open to the public, so the natural performers have plenty of opportunity to “arrr” for the crowds!


A fanstastic festival for any and all interested in the more historical, nautical aspect of things. Although my own contribution did stray a bit as I hosted a multi-media presentation exploring the exolution of PirateCore music, from Ben Franklin through Captain Dan and beyond.

A very fun, if not exclusively piratey event. Perfect for the pirate reenactor who wants a chance to pirate-it-up in comfort despite the lousy weather outside. Share a drink with WWII soldiers, Roman Centurians, stodgy Victorians, and all sorts of other time periods.

Promotional event featuring Roaring Dan Rum. Pirate tunes, drink specials, munchies, and pirate-themed contests helped breakup the winter doldrums.


An opportunity to support worthy charities by day, and party like pirates by night. NOLA Pyrate Week raised a reported $10,000 in ’09, and featured all sorts of pirate excitement for its attendees.


  • PyrateCon– New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
    • Attendee – 2007
    • Attendee – 2008
    • DJ – 2009

It’s had its share of issues behind (and before) the scenes, but PyrateCon represents some of the greatest weekends I’ve ever experienced. The convention was cancelled in 2009, and currently looks unlikely to return.

For me, there’s something extra-magical about an event that takes place in a historic downtown district – especially one that has plenty of pirate-friendly bars. Thanks to the participation of Pirates Magazine and the Devil’s Dozen Induction Ceremonies, 2010 was flooded with pirates from across the nation, and it made for a fantastic weekend-long pirate party.


By way of celebrating the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Club Anything opted for a night of pirate themed contests and drink specials, along with “dueling DJs” – one featuring industrial-dance, and the other Pirate-Core!


I just love this festival – and so do thousands of others. By basic description they sound much like any other “faire” type festival – but when you factor in top-quality food, first rate pirate entertainers, and the best selection of quality pirate vendors, it’s really something to behold. This is no “pirate themed” renfaire, this is a pirate faire through and through!



Very small, but all heart. I don’t recommend traveling cross-country for this one, but if you’re in the neighborhood it’s not to be missed. With only 10 or so vendors and a couple of acts, you’ll burn through it quickly, but the quality of the offerings puts many larger festivals to shame. However, it’s been a few years since I’ve attended and I hear it’s been growing!

This was my first year attending Seize the Bay, but they had some fine entertainment lined up (myself, of course. But also Bounding Main and Rakshanda.) Definitely a developing event, it was a bit on the small side but nicely coincided with the Green Bay Tall Ship’s challenge and all the tall ship glory that entailed.


For seemingly being nowhere near a pirate hub, Denver put up a truly remarkable showing. Pirate seminars, music, grub, grog, and hundreds of pirates in attendance to keep a spirit of high seas villainy flowing. Pay attention to this one, cuz it just might be a real contender!

A very decent pirate festival. Its structure isn’t much different than a pirate-themed renaissance faire, but it does still boast plenty of pirate games and entertainment, an occasional pirate act of note, and a few high-end pirate vendors. My only concern is that it’s really pretty much the same from one year to the next, with little that’s new by way of vendors or entertainment.

The Mariner’s Museum decided to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with a pirate encampment, pirate games and contests, and to top it all off, a rum-tasting hosted by yours truly. Beginning with a multi-media presentation on the history of rum and it’s relationship with piracy, we then proceeded to enjoy four different rums representing different distillation methods and flavor profiles.


The National Civil War Naval Museum makes a perfect location for daytime educational piracy followed by night time pirate frolicking. Add some first rate pirate musical entertainment and you have a full day of pirate partying!

I love it when a whole town catches pirate fever, and Fort Myers Beach does that in spades. It’s not just the festival and its entertainment that make it such great fun, but the zeal of the local bars and populace. Pirate awesomeness around every turn!

Without a doubt one of the strangest and most wonderful events I’ve been to. Not exactly a pirate destination for world travelers, but a brilliant night of good-natured, family-friendly oddities for Halloween weekend.


A fine festival in one of the most historically piratey towns in the world. Some great vendors and entertainment, and probably the most well-attended pirate pub crawl I’ve ever witnessed.


Smaller than I’d expected, but also the coolest and truest pirate “reenactment” event I’ve ever seen. And nothing beats the afterparties at night – never in your life will you experience a more authentic, emmersive pirate tavern experience!