10 ways to make sure Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 gets it right – Den of Geek

10 ways to make sure Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 gets it right – Den of Geek.

Yes, so the news – only rumors and (misguided) wishful thinking to this point – is now official. According to multiple media sources, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is now definitely in the works. Rather than linking a slobbering fanboy article I thought this one more appropriate: 10 helpful suggestion to ensure PotC 4 does not suck. Disney, we know, is capable of great things – great successes, and great failures alike. And being as they clearly did some things very badly in the second two films I sincerely hope they’ve learned something from their mis-steps. But sadly, it’s difficult to convince myself that Disney is moving forward with PotC4 because they feel they actually have a new story worth telling, rather than simply trying dredge up a few more bucks from this franchise. Which is fine – I’ve no beef with capitolism. I do, however, have a beef with lame ass pirate movies.

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  1. Prepare to set sail for Pirates 5. The search for more money! To be honest, I like these movies, specifically the 3rd. I do doubt that this new story will be all that interesting, but show me a frigate and some ship to ship combat and I’m usually happy.

  2. Quartermaster, I think that’s what Disney is counting on. But sometimes even a lame ass pirate movie is better than no pirate movie at all. Sometimes.

  3. Very true. I will take any movie over none to be fair. I really do not like Disney much (YAAAARRRGGG!) but they can make a good movie since they have the coin to through at crap until it’s good.

    I sound like a fan boy, but if Depp is in it, then I gotta watch. I’ve been a fan since Fear and Loathing and it will take a horrible, depraved personal act on his part to change that.

  4. I love POTC, believe me. If not for Curse of the Black Pearl, I may never have chosen a life of piracy, and then where would Bilgemunky be without an annoying little skipperty-hop to liven up the message board on Mondays? Further, where would my school be without me as the vice president of its very own Pirates of the Caribbean Fan Club? Okay, moving on…

    I simply don’t believe that they could successfully do a fourth, given where the trilogy ended, or at least I’ll be cautious before I jump onboard the bandwagon (band-schooner?) Like Bilge said in his At World’s End review: Walk away from a job (mostly) well done.

  5. I’m really hoping this doesn’t take away from Black Beard or if they ever make Richard Zacks “Pirate Hunter” into a movie. The only way it could would be for it to flop and I don’t think that will happen.

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