Alestorm: Bring in the pirates!

Pirate-Core legends Alestorm are now being discussed in college newspapers, which means they’re officially culture-ish. Actually, I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten around to reviewing their second full length album Black Sails at Midnight. If not, go buy the damned thing already.

Oh, and enjoy this Alestorm article from the West Georgian:

The West Georgian – Alestorm: Bring in the pirates!

One thought on “Alestorm: Bring in the pirates!

  1. Hmm, the article fails to mention the most important aspect of keelhauling: being dragged under the ship! Hello? Keel/Haul, i.e hauled under the keel… Just being thrown overboard doesn’t really sound very menacing, does it? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve known what being keelhauled meant since I was a child. Didn’t these whippersnappers ever watch Mutiny on the Bounty as children? Humph!

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